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How to Make Your Face Less Oily

Last Updated December 2018

Like other people out there, you might just be one of the people that were maybe born with a skin type that is oily. Having an oily skin does not mean that you will have to struggle with this condition for the rest of your life. Oily skin has a very high chance of containing impurities; this is because it has a high level of sebum production. Having an oily skin is disadvantageous because it is a conducive environment for pimples to develop and it also looks shiny all the time. To maintain your skin’s natural balance, you will have to moisturize and gently clean your skin. There is a study that shows that at least 65% of women that have pigmented skin also have an oily skin. More sebum is mostly produced by dark and olive skin; therefore, the face tends to shine because of excess production of sebum. It is important to note that production of excess sebum is just a way that skin reacts to outside aggression; it does this to protect itself from this but in turn cause the skin to develop acne and dark spots which are not pleasing at all. By reading this piece, you will be in a position to learn everything you might need to know about oily face.

What causes of oily skin

Environment: Living in a place that experience excess humidity will only make your skin to be oilier. One can feel that there are excess moisture and oil on his or her face as soon as she walks out of the house. It is advisable that you keep your cleanliness at a high level in order to manage whatever nature might throw at you. You can get a facial cleansing gel for humid days, this gel must be able to clean, purify and remove impurities that might have been caused by the makeup you use or pollution.


It has always been clear that eating the right diet has plenty of benefits, it therefore important to note that eating foods that are rich in glycemic are very dangerous to your skin because they stimulate the production of overactive sebum.


Physical and emotional stress can trigger your nervous system to release hormones like adrenaline which are culprits for hormonal imbalance hence causing the skin to be oily and cause other harms to the skin. It is therefore advisable to avoid these kinds of stress at all cost to prevent your skin from producing excess oil.


A skin that is aging has less protein like collagen, this is because as one age, collagen production reduces, and the numbers of sebaceous glands are reduced in the process. Younger people are prone to oily skin than older people, this is because a person with an aging is likely to have a dry face, but if you have an oily skin from birth then it is also advantageous because your aging signs will not be in a position to show up as early as those of people with less oily skin.

Use of wrong skin care products

Applying wrong skin care products to your skin can also cause an oily skin. If you notice that your skin is much dry on the winter season then you need to change the products that you used on a summer when your skin was a bit oily, you can use moisturizers that are light and cleaners that are gel based.

Cosmetic usage

Makeup is an excellent tool that one can use to cover up acne, oil and skin breakouts. Whatever one puts in her face is very important just as how she takes it off from her face, this is why it is very important to go for oil-free cosmetics and the non-comedogenic when choosing one, when taking off the makeup from your face, opt for a high-quality toner for that purpose.

How to make your face less oily and shine

Use an oil cleanser:

It is time you get an oil cleanser if you do not have one. Most people believe that using an oily product will only make their skin to increase its oiliness, hence avoid using an oil cleanser, yet this is just but a myth, oil is needed for proper breakdown of oil, this is why it is necessary to use an oil cleanser because it will be in a position to get rid of the excess oil without leaving the skin dry or tight.


It is important to keep an oily skin more hydrated; this is because a dehydrated skin will only make an oily skin to be excessively oily. Avoid using harsh skin products that will only take away the skin moisture, try to use products that can hydrate your skin. It is therefore important to note that dehydration is the leading culprit to oily skin; hence hydration is the only remedy for this.

Blot oil away:

Use a blotting paper to help you in absorbing the excess oil that is on your skin, they are cheap and convenient to carry around because they are small in size and can fit in the purse. This blotting paper can effectively be used during the summertime, and if you are not able to get a blotting paper, you can also use a tissue paper used to wrap gifts since it is also another cheap alternative.

Cleanse right:

your skin should only be washed two to three times a day, more than that is just harmful to your skin because it rips off the skin its moisture hence make the sebaceous glands to be overactive leading to excessive production of oil, your skin should not be over exfoliated as well, since this can cause redness and discoloration of the skin. You should also avoid overusing the facial brushes because they can stimulate the development of acne and excessive oil production.

Use a clay mask every week:

People with oily skin should give clay mask a try, this is because this product has the ability to draw out oil and impurities from your skin and it also reduces the production of oil hence purifies the entire skin. It is always wise to remember to choose the clay masks that have moisturizing properties to prevent it from taking away the skin’s moisture.

Exfoliate regularly:

it is essential to exfoliate often if you have a skin that is oily; this is because several dead skin cells can damage your skin by clogging the pores and dehydrating your skin. When the dead skin cells build up, they will prevent the skin products from going through the skin hence make your skin to be dull and dry, this, therefore, is a cause of excessive production of oil with an intention to lubricate your skin consequently an oily skin is displayed.

Avoid harsh cleaners:

Use of harsh cleaners can remove excess oil temporarily; this is because they tend to remove all the oil that is in the skin hence leaving the skin dehydrated yet dehydration only causes excessive oil production, it is therefore advisable to use cleaners that are gentle to your skin and have the moisturizing properties.

How to make your face less oily with home remedies

Tea tree oil:

This has always been an appropriate remedy for several skin concerns, excessive oil production being one of the issues it can deal with, it is a solvent that helps to remove oil from your skin hence unclogging the skin pores, it can also deeply penetrate the skin and manage to fight and kill the bacteria that are on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel:

A fresh Aloe Vera gel is in a position to get rid of various problems of the skin, these problems can involve burns, formation of blackheads and even excessive oil, a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the face before one goes to bed and washed off later in the morning, this will help you manage your oily face since it will reduce your skin’s oil.

Tomato juice:

Tomato juice contains salicylic acid that helps in absorbing excess oil that the skin produces hence unclogging the skin pores, it should be applied on the skin and left to dry, after that, your skin should be washed using a very mild face wash and later apply a moisturizer.


It has citric acid which helps in absorbing the excess oil, it is important to note that direct application of lemon juice can irritate your skin; therefore, you should mix it with honey, or rather egg white in order for you to be able to achieve a skin that is oil free. You should also avoid exposing your skin to sunlight to prevent hyperpigmentation; you should also not forget to apply moisturizer to your skin after using the lemon juice therapy.


it should be applied evenly on the skin to get the best results and also a skin that is free from oil, it acts to moisturize the skin and also reduces inflammation, it should be washed off after 10 to 15 minutes of application, and the end result will be perfect.

Mask of oatmeal:

Application of mask of oatmeal can help in absorbing of excess oil from your skin; it can also assist in exfoliating your skin. It works effectively when mixed with honey and applied on the entire face, you should massage it evenly on your face and leave it there for a period of 20 minutes then use lukewarm water to wash it off, and this mixture can also help in purifying your skin layers and also prevents the development of acne.

Grounded almonds:

These are the best when it comes to exfoliating, they can also help in soaking the excess oil from your skin, 3 teaspoons full of this should be mixed with honey and gently applied on the skin, after this you should be able to wash it off your face and moisturize your skin using a moisturizer.

Homemade scrub:

use a scrub that is homemade, especially by mixing honey and sugar, it will help in exfoliating your skin in the most natural way and also moisturize your skin, it is not advisable to frequently use a scrub on your face because it can make your skin to go dry.

Baking soda:

This remedy is suitable for those people who have a face that is very oily, you should form a paste by mixing baking soda and water, then it is applied on the face and left for 10 minutes before it is rinsed, after rinsing, it would be nice if you apply witch hazel to make your skin to be smooth and free of oil.

An oily skin has an increased level of sebum production; therefore, it should get enough miniaturization and cleansing gently to get back the natural balance of the skin. A skin that is oily is likely to develop pimples and contract other breakouts, just like other skin types, it is important to give an oily skin the proper care that it needs, this should include cleaning it on a daily basis, toning the skin and moisturizing it even after using other therapies that might cause it to dry, using harsh products to reduce the oil on your skin will only make it more oily, to avoid this, ensure that you hydrate your skin appropriately, by doing this, your skin will reduce its oil and hence lead to a well-nourished skin, and by following the above tips and guidelines, you will be in a position to get perfect results for your oily skin.









How to Get Rid of a Blind Pimple

Last Updated December 2018

A blind pimple is just acne that might have developed under your skin surface for quite some time. This pimple cannot be noticed on a distance, but one can feel it, a cyst is always the cause of this pimple. As dirt, bacteria and sebum oil combine, there is a development of acne at the same time; the result is always a very painful pimple beneath the skin that always lacks a head like every other pimple. Such pimples are always red in color and inflamed, these blind pimples are sometimes difficult to do away with, but with a lot of patience and intensive care, they are very treatable. In this article, you will be able to know some of the causes of blind pimples and how one can get rid of them.

What is a blind pimple?

A pimple that is painful and lacks a head, it always appear beneath your skin, it can easily be felt but cannot be seen, this is a bump whereby the acne is always formed beneath your skin. It is always painful because of the pressure caused by the bump under your skin; this is simply the reason behind the sensitivity of the surface that is above that bump, this, therefore, requires you to avoid touching or pricking it.

 How a blind pimple is formed

Blind pimples are always prone to areas like the nose, your neck, back, the chin, your forehead and behind the ears. When the dead skin cells, pollution, dirt, the debris and also bacteria block the skin pores, a large pimple called a blind pimple emerge on the skin of an individual.

What causes a blind pimple?

If you leave the skin products that you use on your skin stay there for a long time, then there are high chances for a blind pimple to develop.

Another cause is the act of squeezing blackheads.

Sometimes excess oil known as sebum can cause your skin pores to clog, and this is simply one of the main causes of the development of this blind pimple.

Does a blind pimple hurt more than normal pimples?

A blind pimple hurt more than the other normal pimple, and this is because of the inflammation that is formed under your skin and is always close to the nerves, therefore making this pimple to be painful. Blind pimples are large when felt than the other pimples; this large size is also a cause for severe pain.

How to Get Rid Of a Blind Pimple Fast – Best Treatments

Rub alcohol on the pimple:

Rubbing alcohol is very essential because it has a very powerful cooling, soothing and some disinfecting properties, it helps in getting rid of dirt from the unclogged and blocked pores and also your skin surface. By rubbing alcohol on that area, it will enable the redness and size of the pimple to reduce. It is important to note that one can also use cologne made from alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol.

Use toothpaste:

The mint that is from the toothpaste has the ability to cool one’s skin and to reduce the swelling on the face. You should not sleep with the toothpaste on your face at night, and this is because it has some chemicals that worsen the already caused damage when left on your skin for a long period of time, and this simply means that the toothpaste should be washed off almost immediately after application.


It contains antiseptics and antimicrobial properties; they help in fighting bacteria and also nourish one’s skin. Using honey to treat a blind pimple is very beneficial, this is because it helps keep your skin fresh and also nourishes it as it heals. It is applied by placing pure honey on cotton and applied to the damaged area; it is left to soak on the skin for a period of 20 minutes before it is washed off. One can apply this at least two to three times a day.

Apple cider vinegar:

This is just another great solution that one can use in order to get rid of blind pimples; it has an antiseptic property that is in a position to kill the bacteria that causes these blind pimples. AVC has the ability to increase your face’ blood circulation and balances your skin’s PH. It is acidic in nature, so it is advisable for you to avoid keeping it on the skin for long periods of time for it can burn it. It should be washed off just after one minute of application, after ACV application, you have a to apply a moisturizer, this should be done in order to prevent your skin from drying, this is because when it dries, it will make the skin’s sebum glands to be more active.

Aloe Vera:

It has some healing properties that are also very beneficial in getting rid of a blind pimple, it is also in a position to reduce swelling of a pimple, and this is because it has an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial functions, these properties are also essential because they help to get rid of a pimple quickly. It would be nice to apply them while fresh in the affected area. It should be there for at least 15 to 20 minutes, it should, therefore, be washed off by using lukewarm water, and this should be done repeatedly for a minimum of three days.

Warm compress:

Warm compress has always been the best option to enable you to open those blind pimple’s head. It will also increase the blood circulation in that area and open the pimple’s head hence allow the accumulated pus to ooze. This can be done by dabbing a cotton ball in hot water and is then applied on the pimple for a number of times a day until it bursts. You can use hot tea bags to make this procedure more effective. Using a tea bag will also help get rid of inflammation and result in quick relief.

Tea tree oil:

It contains some antibacterial properties that are very essential for killing the bacteria that cause a blind pimple and opens the clogged skin pores. It also goes ahead to prevent other emergences of this pimple; it also speeds the healing process. This can be done by placing tea tree oil that is undiluted in a bowl then you follow it by soaking a ball of cotton in the liquid. The dabbed cotton oil is then placed on the pimple and left to dry naturally.


It is considered as one of the best home remedies for blind pimples, Milk has the ability to remove the damaged skin because it has alpha-hydroxyl which helps to unclog the blocked pores and also helps in removing dirt, dead skin, and the accumulated oil. This acid can also help in smoothening one’s skin. This should be done for only 10 minutes for a few times in a day by holding the cotton ball that is soaked in milk on the blind pimple.

Lemon juice:

It contains citric acid that has an astringent property hence easily dry a pimple. It can also boost your healing process by killing the bacteria and removing dirt from a pimple. This procedure of healing can be achieved by placing a cotton pad in the lemon juice, the pad is then placed on the face, and the juice is left to dry for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. After this time, you have to wash off the juice with fresh water; this juice should be applied for three days.

Herbal masks:

the Herbal mask is another great remedy for blind pimples; this mask can be created at home by use of the common items that are found in your kitchen. This is done by separating of egg white from a number of eggs then they are mixed in a bowl with a tablespoon full of honey. A tablespoon of lemon juice should also be added to reduce inflammation. After you have evenly mixed all the components, you will then be able to spread this mask on the face using your hands. The mask should be left on your face for a period of fifteen minutes before it is washed off by use of lukewarm water.

Deep steam:

A Pot of water covered with a lid should be boiled; it should be covered to cover up heat and steam. After this, the hot water has to pour in a bowl large enough to accommodate your face, then your face should be placed 12 inches away, but directly above the bowl, while doing this, you should wrap a towel around the neck and head to enable the steam to get trapped around the face. Your face should be above that bowl for 10 minutes then after that; you can wash your face with warm water, it is not advisable to rub your face, you should always pat it with a dry towel. This procedure should be done for several times to enable the skin to open its pores and also clean out the dirt.

Epsom salt:

This is another antibacterial remedy that gets rid of inflammation on the affected area and also kills the bacteria that caused this damage. A teaspoon of this salt has to be poured in a cup of water then it is stirred until you notice the salt has dissolved. The liquid has to be applied on your face then left to naturally dry and later washed by use of warm water, this salt will enable a hidden pimple to come on the surface hence quick healing, this procedure should be done at least three times a day for it to be effective.

Ice compress:

Since blind pimples are associated with inflammation, an ice pack will just be the best remedy for reducing this inflammation; however, direct application of an ice pack to your skin can have negative effects to the tissue. It is therefore advisable that you wrap the ice pack before attempting to place it on the skin. It will help to minimize the pain and the swelling of a blind pimple. You can compress it the morning before you go out of your house, this is because after this compression, it will be invisible, and this procedure should be done repeatedly every morning and evenings until all the symptoms disappear.

Wear acne sticker:

This just looks like a bandage; it is used by directly placing it on the damaged area. This sticker helps in getting rid of bacteria, the sebum oil, and dirt that might have accumulated in that area. They contain salicylic acid that helps to fight acne.

When to see your dermatologist

Blind pimples are very challenging when it comes to treating them, you will need patience and perseverance while treating this pimple, and you also have to avoid damaging your skin while treating this pimple. If you have tried all the home remedies to treat your blind pimple with no changes, it is recommended that you see a dermatologist; they are also good at offering very quick solutions for those people who need an urgent fix. If your blind pimple keeps coming back after treatment, it would be nice if you also see a dermatologist.

Use of an expensive skin product or other medications cannot be the only way one can use to treat acne if a blind pimple is mild, then you can as well use the several home remedies that are available, and they will help you for sure. They are not just cheap but also have no side effects. However, it recommended that you see a dermatologist if you notice that your blind pimple is recurring.


How to Apply Setting Powder

Last Updated December 2018

Applying makeup is one thing. Having the makeup perform its role of enhancing the appearance of your skin is yet another altogether. This is because, the structure, texture, and appearance of your skin all play some roles in determining the efficiency of the makeups.

It is because of this that the setting powder is absolutely necessary. The setting powder is basically a kind of powder that is used to set or lock in the foundation and makeup. This way, it enables these two substances to penetrate the skin deeper and last a longer duration of time.

The setting powder in and of itself is not enough. The manner in which it is applied and how often it is used both matters. That is why getting to know these relevant pieces of information is by all means equally significant.

In our discussions here below, we are going to examine these relevant pieces of information in their finer details. To do these, we shall look into how to select the best setting powder, how to apply your setting powder, the various uses of the setting powder and the differences between the setting powder and the finishing powder.

At the tail end of the discussions, you will surely receive the insight you badly require to be able to make the right purchasing decision. This is not to mention also that you will also be better placed to utilize these powders well.

Choosing a Type of Powder

With so many setting powders in existence and also considering the various kinds of skins around, finding the right setting powder is by all means crucial. This step sees to it that you match the powder with the condition to be mitigated as well as the nature of the skin. The following are some of the factors to consider while undertaking this noble goal:

Nature of Coverage

This refers to the size of the portion of the skin you are interested in covering. It also touches on the thickness of the application as a whole. If you want a complete and lightweight coverage, you have the loose powder for your consideration. Its finer particles create a uniform coating instead of the second layer of concealer.

The Density of the Powder

The setting powders differ in terms of their density. Compact powder is less dense. They are hence great for touch-ups. The pressed compact powder, on the other hand, is denser. It is hence suitable for those quick touch-ups which are to last the whole day. You should not use it on sensitive skin though as it contains silicone which is irritating.

Skin Complexion

You should also be mindful of the complexion of the skin. Those skins that are normal or dry are quite responsive to the compact powder. You may as a matter of fact even prefer them over and above the liquid foundation. This subsequently means that the pressed compact powder ought not to be used in them at all.

Expected Outcomes

What exactly do you expect from these setting powders? Do you just want them to fix the makeups in or to minimize the shines? If you prefer that these powders also minimize the shines, try out the translucent powders. They are pretty reliable in diminishing the shines that are caused by the over-accumulation of oil on the skin.

Powder Variant

Other differences in density, the powders also come in different variations. These are the loose and the compact variants respectively. The loose are so called because they are in liquid or paste forms. The compact forms, on the other hand, are in solid forms. Find the one that is convenient for your application.


In all, the setting powders are available in different hues, shades, and colors. These tints or colors determine to a great extent the manner in which the setting powders may be used. The translucent powders are used on bare skin without any makeup at all. The tinted variants brighten the skin and also rectifies its tone. The colored versions reduce the glare and shine.

Skin Hydration

Lastly, the hydration of your skin also determines the kind of setting powder to use. Talc is great for those skins that are oily. This is because it has some properties that absorb oil to leave behind a skin that is completely fresh and healthy.

If your skin is dry, you want to use a powder that possesses hyaluronic acid. This acid possesses great moisturizing capabilities. It, therefore, has the capability of hydrating the skin by restoring the delicate moisture balance besides putting a sunscreen that shields the skin from direct contact with the sun.

The silica powder is the best option for the normal skin. It guarantees smooth applications and elicits nice responses from the dry skin.

Applying Your Powder

Now that you know how to select the right setting powder for the job, you should now know how to apply the powder altogether. The activity of applying the setting powder is long, detailed and quite involving indeed. This is due to the sensitive nature of the skin and the products that are used altogether. The procedures below will help to do the job:

Step I: Wash your face thoroughly

Start off by washing your face thoroughly. Use warm water to do so. This is because such water gets rid of the specks of dirt and dust that are clogged in the pores. After you are through, dry your face using a clean piece of towel. Leave to aerate and dry further after you have used the towel.

Step II: Apply your foundation first

Next, apply the foundation first and foremost. If you prefer using the concealer and the primer, do incorporate them too at this stage as well. Be sure to blend all the ingredients thoroughly and in the right proportions. The formulation of the foundation determines to a great extent the quality of the final outcomes.

Step III: Apply the Setting Powder

You now have to apply the setting powder. You ought to do so while the foundation is still damp. This is because a hardened foundation will usually make the application of powder quite tricky. Use a makeup sponge to do the job. Alternatively, you may use the powder brush or powder puff.

Step IV: Apply an appropriate amount of setting powder

Different kinds of skins require different amounts of powders. This is due to the differences in the nature of expected outcomes. You should, therefore, ascertain the correct amounts of setting powder you require for the job. You should also spread this powder out evenly for best outcomes. A lighter powder is good for the dewy finish while a heavier powder is good for a matte finish and oily skin.

Step V: Pay keen attention to the t-zone as you apply the powder

In order to obtain natural and seamless looks, you are required to focus more on the t-zone of your face. This is the region that lies across the lower part of your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Much of the oil tends to accumulate here than in any other portion of your face. Dust the powder over your face lightly after which you are to apply some little powder too.

Step VI: Keep your Foundation Intact

While applying the setting powder, keep the foundation intact. Use the press-and-roll motion to keep the foundation intact. In case you are using a makeup sponge or a powder puff, refrain from applying the powder using the wiping motion. Instead, press and roll the powder gently onto your face to prevent moving the foundation and concealer

Step VII: Bake your Skin

After applying the setting powder, allow it to settle for around 1-2 minutes. This is to encourage the powder to set in firmly and better. Proceed thereafter to blend and buff the face using a fluffy makeup brush. To do this, go over your entire face in circular motions using a large, fluffy makeup brush to blend everything seamlessly.

Step VIII: Apply the rest of your makeup

Finish off by applying the rest of the makeup. Some of these are eye makeups, highlighters, bronzer, and brush. The kabuki brush is your best companion all day long. It is simple to use and great for on the go applications.

Alternatives way to use Setting Powder

Apart from merely locking in the foundation and makeup in place, the setting powder can also perform other roles. We are going to highlight and examine these alternative uses in the proceeding segment of the conversations:

Set your Eyeliner

You may use the setting powder as a cosmetic to highlight the eyes. The translucent setting powder will help you to do this role well. You just have to dust the translucent setting powder over the eyeliner using a thin brush to play this particular role.

Line your Bottom Lashes

Other than the eyes, you may also get to highlight the bottom lashes. Yet again, the translucent setting powder comes in handy at such times. Apply the powder first and then the eyeliner next after which you are to finish off with more powder.

Lengthen the Lifespan of your Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks are prone to erasure and peel offs due to the fact that they do get licked every quite often. The good news though is that the problem can be mitigated. Just apply generous amounts of translucent powder over the lip liner and matte lipstick to achieve this.

Volumize Thin Lashes

Do you have some thin lashes? The good news is that you can make them appear mature and luxurious indeed. Simply use the thin lashes alongside the mascara to achieve the job. Press the translucent powder on the thin lashes then dust using an eyebrow brush. Follow this up using yet another layer of coat mascara.

Catch Excess Eyeshadow

It is not uncommon to apply excess eyeshadow on your eyes. The end results of this is a ghastly and unpleasant appearance. You definitely want to get rid of excess eyeshadow. The setting powder will aid you in this. Simply use a clean brush to dust the powder away. You may also use the tinted setting powder for this role too.

Reduce Shines on your Eyelids

Your eyelids may often shine excessively bright whenever too much makeup is applied onto it. To reduce this shine, you may use the translucent powder or the concealer. The concealer is great for oily skins whereas the translucent setting powder is for the normal skins. Make use of the eyeshadow brush to dust the said areas of your eyes. This will soak up extra oil and help to brighten your eyes.

Substitute Dry Shampoo

Rather than using a dry shampoo to cleanse your hair, you may consider utilizing the setting powder for the job. The powder as stated repeatedly is good at soaking excess oils from the skin and hair. Simply sprinkle some translucent powder setting to the roots of the hair to do the job.

Reduce Sweating or Chaffing

Lastly, the setting powder can also reduce sweating or chaffing. All you have to do to leverage this benefit if to apply the setting powder onto your palms or the underside of your feet. The powder will absorb excess sweat that is located within these areas. Its powerful suction pressure is the one that sucks the sweat to leave behind an extremely dry skin.

Differences between Finishing Powder and Setting Powder?

Even though these two powders are often used hand in hand, they do exhibit some inherent differences. The following are some of the points of departures between these two kinds of powders:


The setting powders are generally available in two basic forms. These are the loose setting and the compressed setting powders, respectively. The choice of the right one basically depends on personal preferences as well as the precise issue at hand.

The finishing powder is also available in both the compressed and loose forms. However, they are finer and softer in texture. They, therefore, exude some consistency which is unparalleled by the setting powder counterpart.


By their formulation and design, the setting powder is great for use alongside your foundation. This is because it plays the role of setting the foundation or holding it in place in order to prevent it from getting rubbed off.

The finishing powder, on the other hand, is applied atop the setting powder and all the other makeup. This means you apply the foundation first, after which you apply the setting powder, then other makeups and finally the finishing powder.


Generally speaking, the setting powder is relevant for everyday use and applications. The logic that underlies this is the fact that the foundations are used every quite often, mostly on a daily basis. It also appears more natural and sheerer.

The finishing powder is however used only for those rare occasions. These include weddings, parties, and get-togethers. They are also comparatively more expensive, a fact that makes them all the more unsuitable for everyday use and applications.

You should, therefore, ascertain the exact purpose for which you intend to use these two cosmetics before deciding which one to place your bet on. This way, you will be able to settle for the one that is most relevant for your use.


Skincare is indeed a great venture. The self-confidence of most people is largely determined by their appearance as well as the accolades they receive from others. It, therefore, follows that with the best skincare, people get to boost their self-confidence significantly.

This heightened self-confidence is vital for those careers which require some form of publicity. These include the journalism, politics, motivational talks, and comedy, to mention but a few! If you happen to have an interest in any of these careers, you have no choice but to incorporate a good skincare regime as part of your grooming regime.

Do Face Masks Work

Last Updated December 2018

Perhaps no other skincare treatment regime is as effective as the facemask. These masks indeed play some crucial roles when applied on the face. These include the improvements of the skin pores, the removal excess oils from the skin, hydration of the skin, elimination of certain kinds of skin impurities, and the concealment of some issues that the skin may possess, to mention but a few!

It is for these reasons that it is worth knowing about these wonderful, yet rarely used skincare interventions. We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of this particular article towards that very end. We are subsequently going to handle and discuss all the relevant aspects of these skincare products.

Some of the issues we are going to handle are what the facemasks really are, the different types of facemasks, how to use the facemasks, and whether the facemasks really work. These we hope shall be great eye openers.

What Are Face Masks?

For a start, facemasks are special kinds of skincare ointments which are applied onto the skin. They possess a host of active ingredients which have restorative and medicinal ingredients. These include the herbs, essential oils, Aloe Vera, mud, and clay.

They are available for sale over-the-counter and as such, require no prescription from a dermatologist or a competent doctor. You may, therefore, incorporate and utilize them in your at-home beauty routine or even as professional applications. This is not to mention that they are also cheaper to come by and will therefore not inflict too much strain on your pocket.

These facemasks as stated, help your skin in more ways than one. They fight acne, get rid of impurities, hydrate the skin, tone the skin, diminish the sizes of the pores, and heal blemishes, to mention but a few! They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and forms. Regardless of these inherent differences, the masks perform more or less similar kinds of chores.

Different Types of Face Masks

As has already been hinted above, the face masks come in various shades and forms. These variations determine to a great extent their efficacy when applied on the skin. It is therefore wise to know more about these variations. The following are the major kinds of facemasks in existence today:

Clay Masks

As the name suggests, the clay masks possess plenty of clay ingredients. These include the bentonite, kaolin, and ordinary clay. These tighten and enhance the absorbent nature of the sebum. They are mainly applicable in drawing oil and dirt from the deep pores to the surface of the skin.

Cream Masks or Gel Masks

These are designed to furnish plenty of moisture to the dehydrated and dry skin. At the same time, it also repairs the damages that are inflicted by the free radicals besides improving the production of collagen.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliation is a vital part of any skincare regime. It basically entails the elimination of dead skin from the surfaces of the skin. This is to reveal only the fresh and healthy skin. The exfoliation face masks are so called because they aid in sloughing off the dead cells of the skin besides reducing redness. They possess generous amounts of glycolic acid.

Enzyme Masks

If you have skin that is either dull or inflammatory, you want to bring in the enzyme masks. They are great at ridding the skin of these conditions. While at this, they also minimize the creation of any forms of irritations.

Peel-off Masks

Also called the rubber masks, the peel-off masks are putty-like mixtures which harden after each application. They are further peeled off whenever the hardened substance is eliminated. They mainly play the role of renewing the nature and quality of the skin.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are highly penetrative kinds of face masks. When applied onto the skin, they percolate deeper in the pores and harden. This way, they push the ingredients as far deeper into the skin as possible. They subsequently give rise to better outcomes that are more enduring.

Overnight Masks

These ones are designed to be applied at night. They are also called the leave-on masks. Generally speaking, they come in the forms of creams or gels. Once applied, they percolate deeper into the skin and settle within the sweat pores. They give rise to some luminous skin when you wake up.

Natural Masks

You may also wish to make use of the do-it-yourself formulations. You just have to log on to the internet and identify the ones that mostly suits your unique circumstances. Some of the ingredients you will have to utilize are the honey, oats, and sugar.

How to Use a Face Mask

The exact procedure you use depends on the kind of facemask you have in store. This is in turn determined by the precise skin conditions you face. In the proceeding segment of the conversation, we are going to look into the various kinds of skin conditions and the procedures to be followed to do the job:

Dehydrated Skin

If yours is a dehydrated skin, you have to look for a moisturizing mask which possesses great hydration properties. Avoid those products that are rich in clay or mud. To apply the mask:

  • Start off by washing and drying your face.
  • Use glycerin to get rid of the makeup and other finer particles from off the skin.
  • Thereafter proceed to apply generous amounts of the face mask.
  • Be sure to cover the entire face include below the chin and the back of the neck.

Oily and Congested Skin

For oily and congested skin, you have to find a face mask which is capable of getting rid of acne by drawing out all the impurities. You will have the clay masks for your taking if you have such kinds of skins.

  • For best results, apply extreme amounts of the mask on your face.
  • Spread the mask out evenly to see to it that each portion of your face is fully covered.
  • Leave it to settle for around one hour before taking any further course of action.
  • Peel off the mask at the expiration of the one-hour interval to leave behind a fresh and nice looking skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins often appear red or inflamed whenever they are handled. To mitigate them, you should find the masks which have the ability to soothe and calm them. The masks which contain nourishing abilities such as those that have rose hips are your best bet. They hasten the process of healing of your skin. To apply the appropriate face mask on the sensitive skin:

  • Wash the skin thoroughly and dry using a clean piece of towel
  • Take some sufficient amounts of the facemask and apply to the skin
  • Apply extra amounts on those portions of the skin that are worst affected
  • Leave to settle and harden
  • Finish off by slowly and meticulously peeling off the mask

Normal Skin

You may use just about every other kind of face mask for your normal skin. The ones that brighten the skin are however by far the most recommended for the job. In order to apply the mask and let it achieve its role, follow the simple procedures outlined below:

  • Wash your face with warm and clean water
  • Remove excess dirt and makeup using glycerin and other face wash
  • You may also wish to exfoliate the skin at this stage
  • Dry the face by use of a clean towel
  • Apply generous quantities of the facemask on the skin
  • Leave the mask to percolate deep into the skin and harden also
  • After it has fully dried, peel off gently to leave behind great skin

As you may well have already noted, facemasks are meant for everyone. You only have to identify your unique problem and then proceed to find one which most suits your unique problem and issue. Most modern masks are designed in such a manner as not to clog on the skin and inflict untold issues and inconveniences.

Do Face Masks Really Work?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is YES. The face masks indeed do work. This, however, depends on several factors. You have to curate the ingredients of the facemasks carefully as a first precaution. Your use of the facemasks entitle you to a number of these and many more benefits:

Fighting some Skin Conditions

These include the clearing up your complexion to fight some skin conditions like acne and the impetigo. This stems from the ability of the facemasks to be easily applied and the possession of extremely active ingredients. These ingredients deliver awesome outcomes indeed.

Improving the Tone of the Skin

When properly applied, a good face mask will also improve the tone of your skin. Your skin will feel properly toned and more tightened after some regular and prolonged use. Some, as a matter of fact, are so effective that they deliver the outcomes necessary after only a single use.

Enhance the Health of the Skin

They are also great at enhancing the health of the skin. They do so by eliminating excess oils, diminishing the sizes of the pores, and removing unwanted impurities from the pores. These masks do the said jobs by reason of possessing a variety of extremely potent ingredients. The ingredients percolate within the pores and harden there. While in there, they neutralize and break down the ingredients into their finest particles. They subsequently facilitate the flushing out of those impurities while taking a bath later.

Soften and Hydrate the Skin

Even though they are mainly designed for medicinal values, they are also capable of performing the ordinary roles that the lotions and skin care creams play. They include moisturizing and softening the skin. They are therefore the better options as they bring about more returns on the amount of money invested.

Generally speaking, you have to pay keen attention to the kind of mask you eventually settle on. This is because the effectiveness of the mask depends mainly on the ingredients it contains. You, therefore, have to thoroughly examine the creams, gels, overnight offerings, and imported sheets to find the specific product that is suitable for your use and needs.

In case you have opted for the do-it-yourself approach, you have to come up with a recipe that is super effective. This can only happen if you come up with a nice ingredient which is proven to be very effective. Look out for a good recipe to be able to accomplish this.

Take great care as you mix the various ingredients. Not everything that is naturally edible may be great and harmless to your skin. Some may, in fact, turn out to be disparaging and toxic to your skin. To be sure of the best outcomes possible, you are advised to do a patch skin test on a portion of your skin.

Observe how the mixture responds to the skin before determining the next step to take. If the reaction is adverse, you may have to rethink the whole issue. You may also want to alter the formulation of the mask to be able to milder on your skin.


On the whole, the face masks also aid you in unwinding and relaxing. This is because they ensure the smooth flow of blood within the blood vessels that make up the skin. In the course of so doing, they enable the skin to stay healthier, better nourished, and properly hydrated.

What’s more? The use of facemasks reduces the need for constant consultation and visits to the dermatologist. This is because it strengthens the faculties of the skin and makes it strong enough to repel those issues if and when they arrive.

You, therefore, have to incorporate the face masks as part of your skincare regime even if your skin is perfectly normal or healthy. This ideally should be the case at least once a year. You definitely want to give your skin some revitalization and boost which is unachievable with other kinds of skin care techniques.


Best Laser Hair Removal at Home Devices Review

Last Updated December 2018

Gone are the days when you had to pay a personal visit to a clinic and have a professional get rid of your excess hair. The laser technology indeed makes it possible for you to accomplish this very feat at the comfort of your own home.

A laser hair remover is basically a device which emits intense beams of clear monochromatic lights or any other electromagnetic radiation. It does so by exciting atoms or molecules to generate a stimulated emission of photons.

When compared to the other hair removal devices, laser hair removers are simpler to comprehend and utilize. They are simpler in scope and construction. This is to mention also that they generate the expected outcomes faster.

Being relatively obscure, chances are that a deserving prospective user of your caliber may not have the wherewithal necessary to make the right purchasing decision. This is why we have deemed it fit to step in and help you out.

We are going to tackle this issue comprehensively. We are going to do this by examining all the issues and facts that surround these devices. These include the laser technology, the laser and IPL hair removal machines, the top devices at the moment, a review of the top products and the various factors to consider while making the right purchasing decision, among others.

We do hope that our initiative shall by and large aid you in arriving at the best possible outcome or decision.


Owing to their simplicity and ease of use, laser hair removers are increasingly being embraced by many users. This has also been occasioned by the fact that these devices are generally cheaper than most others. Women in the modeling industry have particularly found it great, relevant, and handy to their preference and use.

The outcomes of laser hair treatments are great when compared to those of the other gadgets. For one, a typical laser hair removal lasts around three months. Most others expire much earlier than that. The activity is, on the whole, less painful and risky. It is less likely to inflict rashes and other common skin problems as is the case with wax or razor cuts.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Is Popular

Just like every other method, the laser hair removal technique is also with its own fair share of drawbacks. These machines do not work well on skins that are dark or hair that is light. Dark skins tend to absorb too much heat which has the impact of inflicting burns on the skin. Light hair, on the other hand, is generally slippery and tend to fall off completely.

When used under these two kinds of circumstances, the machine has the potential to bring about adverse negative consequences. The numbing cream may mitigate these potential issues though and are thus highly recommended. It also takes longer to achieve the desired end and may thus be inconvenient to utilize.

All factors considered though, the merits of the machine and technology as a whole, far outweigh the demerits. This means the machine and the entire technology is on the whole great and beneficial.


These two technologies operate on much the same principles. They entail the absorption of light by the portions of the skin that are highly pigmented. These include the hairs, some parts of the skin, and the elbow.

When these portions of the skin absorb the heat, they increase in temperature. This increase in temperature damages the hair follicles that are located along the paths. This damage to the hair follicles is what suppresses the subsequent growth of hair.

Beyond this similarity, the two technologies exhibit so many other differences. The major difference is the source of light that is used. The intense pulsed light utilizes the broad-spectrum visible light while the laser technology uses the properties of a laser lighting mechanism.

The broad-spectrum visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. This light is weaker than the laser and is thus less effective. It is, however, safer on the skin and is less likely to cause skin cancer. The laser light, on the other hand, is artificial. This light is strong, sharp and very effective. It is however comparatively riskier, especially when used repeatedly or for a prolonged duration of time.

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Conclusion


Below are some of the 6 best at home hair removal lasers on the market today:

a) Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Are you on the lookout for a hair remover for home use? This indeed could be your final solution. This machine is simpler to use. It lacks a couple of technical parts and controls that are found in other appliances of its kind. Because of this, you will find id slightly easier to master, comprehend, and operate.

Features and Benefits

Clinically-proven for Safety

For a start, this hair removal model is clinically proven to be safe and reliable. It is unlikely to inflict the woes and wounds that ordinary hair removers do. Because of this, the remover is suitable for lighter and more sensitive skins. This is not to mention that it does not at all redden the skin or inflict other problems such as inflammations and itches.

Dermatologically Tested

Around 9 out of 10 dermatologists prefer this machine to any other of its kind. This is because the machine is safe and is the only one that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. You may thus purchase it with confidence and use it with a maximum peace of mind. Besides this, the machine also brings about greater and satisfactory outcomes indeed.

Diode Laser Technology

It utilizes the diode laser technology to generate the beam of light that it subsequently uses to rid the skin of hair. This technology is safer, more powerful, and very reliable in achieving the desired ends. This is the trait that makes the device quite suited for regular and prolonged use. You have the pleasure of maximum safety for your taking.


  • Approved by the FDA
  • Takes shorter to bring about desired outcomes
  • Exudes plenty of energy
  • Safer than most other hair removers
  • Ideal for regular use


  • Not for professional use
  • Weak and relatively ineffective formulation
  • Slightly intricate

b) Remington iLIGHT Pro plus Quartz Hair Removal System

In case you want to rid hair from skin that has uneven tones, you badly want the best hair removal laser on Amazon that can detect the changes or variations on the skin tone. This is to let you to automatically detect these changes or variations in skin tone and respond appropriately. This is the role for which this specific hair removal device is intended to play.

Features and Benefits

iLIGHT Pro plus Quartz

This is the feature that is primarily responsible for the great outcomes. It basically emits pulses of light that are scientifically designed. This pulse gets rid of all kinds of hair and other undesired growths from the skin. It is also designed in such a manner as to reduce the pace of the growth of hair. It leaves behind smooth and beautiful looking hair.

Skin Tone Sensor

As stated, the appliance has a skin sensor. This is basically a feature that can detect variations in the tone of the skin. As soon as it has detected the variation it automatically adjusts to let emit a pulse of light that matches that particular tone. This way, it gives rise to uniform results and prevents any burns from arising.


Closing the list of the features is the electric power source. Electric power sources are more powerful and reliable than the batteries or solar. In light of this, the machine is also very powerful indeed. This makes it quite suited for ridding the body of the coarsest hair as well as the most difficult kinds of hair. You will thus find the machine quite reliable under just about every other circumstance.


  • Longer lifespan (100,000 flashes)
  • Faster action speeds and hence more reliable
  • Exudes higher intensity levels (5 levels)
  • Able to work just about every other body part
  • Has skin contact sensors for added precision


  • Quite costly
  • High power consumption (115-230 VAC)
  • Too powerful for regular use

c) Tria Hair Removal Laser – Precision

For great precision, you have no choice but to settle for highly precise home laser hair removal products. This is basically a piece of equipment that has effective metrics and controls. They are specifically set in place to see to it that you hit the desired targets well. This appliance, as you are about to see, fits that bill perfectly well. It is very precise.

Features and Benefits

Digital Display

A digital display comes in first. This is basically a display unit that shows you the progress and the status of the tasks that are presently ongoing. This allows you to input only those parameters that are necessary for the task at hand. In so doing, it prevents you from surpassing or exceeding any metrics or controls at any given time. For this reason, you are sure of great outcomes indeed.

Pulse Counter

The pulse counter comes in handy to further let you determine the precise parameters of the hair removal process. This counter prevents you from overstepping the prevailing boundaries. It in so doing enables you to obtain the very best possible outcomes at any given time. You also will not have to do so on your own and is thus more convenient to operate.

Professional-strength Laser Hair Removal Technology

This machine utilizes the professional-strength laser hair removal technology. This technology is faster, sharper, and more efficient. As a matter of fact, it is the preferred technology for around 9 out of 10 dermatologists world over. It has the ability to reduce 70% of the hair within a matter of 3 months only! You have no better friend if you want faster yet less painful outcomes at all!


  • Compact enough for easy travel
  • Impacts the head, hands and whole body
  • Recommended by 90% of dermatologists
  • Inflicts fewer harms and damages to the skin
  • Less costly than most other removers of its kind


  • Takes slightly longer to deliver the expected results
  • Requires some technical expertise to utilize
  • Lacks any money back guarantee

d) Silk’n Flash & Go

Do you have a sensitive skin? Are you still intent on getting rid of the hair safely and permanently? If you answered yes, you badly need this particular laser hair removal product. This is because it is designed in such a manner as to be easy to use yet very safe to the sensitive skin. It is very great and handy for lighter skins as well. This is because it does come along with fewer side effects.

Features and Benefits

New High-tech Design

It does embody a new high-tech design. This design grants you the ability to properly set or target the device to the specific areas that are in need of treatments. This way, you get to save a lot of money and also enjoy greater outcomes on the whole. In light of this, you will spare your skin from any adverse negative side effects or issues that might ordinarily arise.

Innovative Light-based Hair Removal Device

On the whole, this hair removal system is innovative and light-based. It is ideal for use on the whole body. It gives rise to more permanent outcomes that are great to behold indeed. You will thus find it a worthy and reliable companion indeed. This is because it is not only easier to use but also delivers and reliable outcomes, unlike most other items.

Home Pulsed Light (HPL) Technology

Lastly, it uses the home pulsed lighting technology to emit the radiation required to rid your body of hair. This technology is safer courtesy of being less intense. As such, you are spared of the damages to the hair follicles and other skin issues that might usually arise. This is not to mention that the hair follicles which are at the roots of your skins are also disabled permanently.


  • Easy to use and very painless
  • Great for those sensitive portions of the skin
  • Leaves behind longer lasting outcomes on the whole
  • Loaded with 5,000 pulses of energy
  • Brings about higher returns on investments


  • Unsuitable for darker complexions
  • Can inflict adverse effects on the skin if used repeatedly
  • Exudes too much heat comparatively

e) Philips Lumea BRI956 Prestige IPL Hair Removal for Body, Face, and Bikini

Do you plan to get rid of black or brown hair? Spare yourself unnecessary hassles and get the job done right. Achieve those two feats by settling for this laser hair remover. This machine has the features and technological composition necessary for the job to be done well. Moreover, it can also work the face, the bikini, and the whole body. It is as such very comprehensive in scope and quite convenient to utilize.

Features and Benefits

Intense Pulse Light Technology

This device uses the intense pulse light technology. This is safer than the laser technology and is thus great for everyday use. For this reason, the gadget is strongly recommended for working sensitive skin and other areas of the body that require less intense lights. It does come along also with curved attachments which respond to the unique contours of the body.

SmartSkin Sensor

With this sensor, you will be able to vary the intensities of light and heat. This is because the sensor detects the variations between the tones and complexions of the various portions of the skin. It then adjusts automatically to furnish the required intensity of light. This way, it helps you to achieve great and optimal results at all times. This feature also prevents burns and other skin problems that may often arise.

BIVOLT 110-240v

You will enjoy the rare privilege of using this gadget just about everywhere you might want to. This is because the device can work safely in the voltage range of 110V to 240V. Indeed all the geographical regions of the world fall between these two extremes. As such, the gadget is convenient and handy indeed. If you travel a lot or change locations every quite often, this indeed is the device to look up to.


  • Brings about long-lasting impacts
  • Has the ability to impact each area of the body equally
  • Less likely to inflict pains and discomforts
  • Works well in just about every other country
  • Quite prestigious and classy to possess and utilize


  • Quite unaffordable to many a deserving person
  • Not so easy to carry around
  • Unsuitable for grey, blonde, white, and red hair

f) Silk’n Infinity 400,000

Are you a professional salonist? You definitely want a remover that is universal in scope. This simply means that the remover has to be able to handle all kinds of skins and hairs. This indeed is that kind of hair remover. With this machine, you will be able to assist all kinds of patrons regardless of their races, ethnicities, skin complexions, and other vital parameters. In the mini-review that follows, you will get to know its finer details.

Features and Benefits

Bluetooth Connectivity

At the top of its features is the Bluetooth technology. This allows the machine to pair and exchange data with other likeminded appliances. This connectivity also reduces clutter and extends the capabilities of the device as a whole. In light of this, you may be sure to enjoy maximum convenience and higher satisfaction on the whole. This is not to mention that you will also be able to operate the device from a remote location.

Reliable Operational Technology

Unlike most other gadgets of its kind, this remover co-opts the two main technologies in vogue today. These are the galvanic and the optical energies, respectively. It is this combination that enables the gadget to work on all kinds of skins equally. You will not have to waste too much of your time and energy switching from one gadget to another gadget. Moreover, you will also be assured of great outcomes indeed.


This device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is a sign that meets the stringent safety and healthcare requirements. This approval has further been vouched for by the fact that many past users have left favorable ratings and testimonials. As such, you may purchase and use it with confidence. You may be sure to ward most problems and issues that similar products do inflict.


  • Has a longer lifespan of around 400,000 pulses
  • Universal in scope and applicability
  • Quite convenient to possess and utilize
  • Has a high hair-removal rate (92%)
  • Generates faster results and responses


  • Requires some experience and skill to operate
  • Not really great for home use
  • May inflict excessive pains and damages to the skin

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe


These are the factors that you ought to consider to be able to arrive at a good laser hair removal device:

The color of the Hair

What is the color of your hair? Lighter hair is generally poor at absorbing heat. They, therefore, require the laser hair removal devices rather than the intense pulse removers. Other than this, they also require stronger sources of heat to be able to penetrate the hair appropriately. While on this, you need also to pay keen attention to any unique issues of the hair.

Skin Tone

Just like the hair color, the colors of the skin also varies considerably. Darker skins are great absorbers of heat. They are however more predisposed to the risks of burns as they are more likely to absorb too much heat. Lighter skins, on the other hand, are poor absorbers of heat. Because of this, they require stronger sources of heat.

Technical Skill

How sophisticated is the appliance you intend to utilize? Does it have too many controls or too few? How about you? Do you have any experience in the field of operating such appliances? Ask yourself these and indeed many more other questions before embarking on the task of finding a suitable laser hair remover. You do not want one that is way too complicated, do you?


Not all brands are created equal. Some brands are indeed more equal than others. This is why you want to consider the brands as well. As of now, the following are the top brands: Tria, Remington, Philips, and Silk’n are the top brands. You are more likely to derive greater satisfaction and higher results from them too. You should thus give them a topmost priority in your search for the right laser hair removers.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Lastly, you also want to pay some special attention to the costs of the appliances and your financial resource endowment. Be sure to strike a balance between these two parameters. You do not want to dig too deep in your pocket or face insurmountable odds while acquiring these vital gadgets. The best appliance should be one that is cost-effective.


Even though the professional and the at-home machines may achieve the same tasks and bring about more or less similar results, they are vastly different. The following are the major differences between these two kinds of appliances.

The professional machines are larger in size compared to the at-home laser hair removers. This is because they are designed to last longer and confront greater surface areas. They thus require an equally larger storage space.

To add to the large size, the professional laser hair removers are also more sophisticated in nature. This stems from their possession of many features, controls mechanisms, and technical specifications. They at-home hair removers are however simpler in construction. They also have fewer features and are thus also easier to master and engage.

To close this, the professional laser hair removers are more expensive than their at-home hair removers. This is understandable because they are mainly meant for use in salons and for professional hair removals only.


For a start, these machines are primarily designed to interrupt and break the hair growth cycles. They emit laser radiation which disables the hair follicles at the bases or the roots of the hairs. This causes the strand of the hair that is remaining to fall off on their own. They do not at all interfere with your normal physiology though.

For this reason, your body’s hair will still grow naturally thereafter. It does have the impact of reducing the quantity and the texture of the hair though. As such, the hair that re-grows are fewer and finer than the ones that were originally eliminated. It, therefore, follows that by using the laser hair remover frequently and repeatedly, the end result is a permanent hair removal.


Briefly explained below are the three different kinds of laser hair removal machines:

Laser vs. IPL

Laser removers are more effective and precise. They are great for denser and coarser hair. IPL removers, on the other hand, are weaker and require repeated use to generate the required outcomes.

Strength of Light

They also emit varying degrees of light intensities. The IPL removers are weaker whereas the laser lights are stronger. The latter is thus more effective than the former.

Design and Power of the Devices

These devices also vary by their design and complexity. Some are flash window yet others are corded. Some generate multiple flashes at a time and others are battery-powered and so on. You should thus choose the one that suits your lifestyle.


On the whole, you are advised to treat your skin between 6 to 12 times. This depends on the portion of your skin, the kind of laser remover used, the precise area of your body. The coarseness of your skin as well as its density. You can never even think of going it alone. You definitely want to inquire from your doctor as to whether to implement it or not.


Step I: Prepare your skin

Start off your do-it-yourself laser hair removal at home (LHR) activity by cleansing, shaving, and then drying your skin before you commence the treatment exercise. This is to eliminate dirt and grease that may exist on the skin and the sweat pores and guarantee greater outcomes.

Step II: Select a suitable treatment level on your device

The choice of the exact treatment depends mainly on whether it may be manual or automatic. After you have selected the most appropriate one, determine how to operate it. Be mindful of the safety issues as well. Always remember that higher energy levels usually bring about faster results but are riskier.

Step III: Select the targeted area

Finally, choose the targeted area. Is it the face, the legs, or the whole body? Follow this by familiarizing yourself with the manner in which the specific areas ought to be targeted. Proceed with the appropriate treatments as required.

HINT: It is always necessary to treat at night. This is to let the redness disappear before morning. This way, you will also minimize the exposure of the affected portion of the skin to heat and sunshine. In so doing, you will make it safer for your body and overall health.


For you to carry out this home hair removal procedure perfectly, you have to adhere to certain sets of principles. As a general rule, do not apply this technique in case you or your skin:

  • Are too sensitive to light (photosensitive)
  • Is damaged or irritated
  • Peeled, epilated, plucked, or waxed in the past 6-8 weeks
  • Is tanned or sunburned (In these cases, wait for the skin to return to normal before undergoing the procedure)
  • Are breastfeeding or are pregnant
  • Have a history of pre-cancer or other skin cancer
  • Is somewhere near water

Do not attempt this technique on:

  • Eyebrows or those areas above your cheek line. This is to prevent eye damages. You may consider putting on Ultraviolet glasses as precautions.
  • Portions of your body that contains tattoos have black spots or dark brown pigments. These include such issues as birthmarks, large freckles, dark moles, or warts.
  • Areas of your skin that has skin conditions like herpes, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, or active infections.
  • Parts of your skins whose tones are outside of those that are deemed safe
  • Nipples, ears, genitals or the anus. The bikini lines are however allowed
  • Areas of your skin which you desire to have hair regrow after some time.

General Precautions

  • Long-term usage may lead to permanent or irreversible outcomes
  • Always adhere to the same precautions that govern ordinary electrical devices
  • Keep the machine away from moisture or water. This is to prevent the likelihood of electrical shocks
  • Do not store it next to the sink or tub to avoid accidents
  • Store away from heated surfaces to prevent shocks
  • Consult the manufacturer’s manual in case you happen to get stuck


A typical laser hair removal system comprises a cartridge, a flashing mechanism, and a handle. From time to time, these parts and components wear out. They hence require some replacements to let the removers discharge their roles as required.

To see to it that you guarantee this at all times, you are advised to try out a semi-disposable hair removal device. A product of this kind is easier to replace than those that are permanent in nature. The permanent products also last a longer duration of time. They subsequently require more expensive replacements that are in most cases pricier than the original product.

On the whole, be prepared to make replacements if you plan to utilize these gadgets repeatedly or for a prolonged duration of time. This is because a replacement is way cheaper than buying a brand new one. It is also crucial in that the parts wear out at different rates.


On the whole, the laser hair removal is a safe and reliable procedure. However, just like every other form of treatment or medical procedure, it is not without its share of downsides. The following are the main risks that do come along with this procedure:

Painful Sensations

You will generally experience swells, skin tenderness and a little pain here and there. These are normal and are in fact the part and parcel of the treatment processes. They also last a shorter duration of time and will, in fact, cease moments after the conclusion of the treatment exercise.


Apart from the tenderness of the skin, you may also experience inflammations. These are usually red in color and are slightly painful. These inflammations arise mainly in sensitive skins or those that have undergone certain injuries in the recent past.


Given that the equipment employs heat to rid the skin of hair, it is not uncommon to experience some burning. This is a hot sensation that may, in fact, pose some damage to the skin with extreme and prolonged exposure. They are normal but may pose permanent damages if not mitigated in time.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the portion of the skin that is affected by this laser hair removal. Hypopigmentation, on the other hand, is the lightening of the affected portion of the skin. Whereas these two issues are safer and painless, they may interfere with the tone of the skin, at least in the short run.

Skin Irritations

Throughout the removal process, you will normally sense some itchy feeling or irritation. This again is normal and should therefore not worry you at all. If the symptoms persist for far too long, you may need to seek medical attention.


YES, it does! This arises mainly from the manner in which the devices are meant to operate. The laser hair removal machine is designed to detect pigments. If used on a tattoo, it will also detect and impact the tattoo, over and above the hair. This way, it will cause scars and blisters which may be very painful indeed. It may also lead to permanent damage to the skin.


This practice of ridding the skin of hair using the laser technique was made legal only recently in 1997. However, the practice has a very rich, long and complex history. Below is a brief history of the practice from its inception to date:

Early History

The first fully functional laser equipment was invented in 1960. This was by the physicist and electrical engineer, Theodore Harold. This invention had to wait till the 1990s though, to be first used to rid the body of hair.

It was not until Dr. R. Rox Anderson, the MIT graduate and Harvard University medical professor developed workable solutions that it was subsequently used for hair removals. He did develop treatments for medical conditions and cosmetic purposes. These included the reductions of scars and the removal of body hair.

Apart from Dr. R. Rox Anderson, a Harvard dermatologist, Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick also played a crucial role in developing laser for hair removals. In 1975, he came up with the Fitzpatrick scale which classifies the color of the skins of humans. This scale serves as the basis for assessing the risks of cancer. It also plays a vital role in the removal of hair, especially when identifying the optimal candidates.

Laser Hair Removal Today

Laser treatment today is more affordable and simpler to undertake. As a matter of fact, a whopping 97% of women have reported having used the technology at least once. Moreover, the technology is also undergoing major improvements. The current technology has made it possible for all kinds of hair and skin to be impacted equally.

All factors considered, laser hair removal technique is by far the most reliable and widely used of all then techniques in existence today. This is because it is faster and yields more or less permanent outcomes. This is not to mention that it also requires minimal effort on your part as the machines are simpler to engage.

Permanent Hair Removal Options


Generally speaking, in-salon laser hair treatments are prohibitive. This mainly stems from their expensive nature. A typical in-salon treatment costs around $1,000 for a complete 8-session treatment.

This is why at-home permanent hair removal approach is by all means handy. The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is by far the best at home laser hair removal kit. It can also impact the entire body just like a typical salon treatment. Moreover, it brings about the desired outcomes within the shortest time possible. In general, it takes only three sessions to do a good job. This may vary though depending on the densities and thicknesses of the hair.

Below are the major steps to follow while undertaking this procedure:

Step I: Switch on the device. This shall shine a concentrated beam of hair removal lasers light on your skin. The hair absorbs this light due to possessing a pigment called melanin.

Step II: Once absorbed, the light energy converts into heat energy and raises the temperature of the hair. This heat travels down to the base of the hair.

Step III: This increase in temperature damages the hair follicles. This subsequently suppresses the growth of the hair and stops it from growing altogether.

Step IV: You may consider repeating these steps severally as it may not be possible to achieve the required outcomes at once.


The face and the private parts are more delicate than the other portions of the body. Because of this, they require additional care and introspection. On the whole, the intense pulse lighting and the laser technology are great for the portions of the faces of females that are below the cheek lines.

These two techniques are however not recommended for eyebrows given their sensitive nature. In addition to this, they are unsuitable for the male faces due to their extra dense natures.

Further to these problems, the faces and the private parts are also susceptible to the risks of folliculitis and the ingrown hairs. The former are infections within the hair follicles whereas the latter is the abnormal or excessive growth of hair.

You may, therefore, consider attempting other intervention mechanisms like waxing or the use of witch hazel or tea tree oil. They are natural antiseptics and also possess anti-inflammatory properties that do minimize the risks of possible side effects.


Permanent hair removal naturally is, by all means, the way to go. Indeed men and women alike prefer this method as it is safer and more reliable than the artificial counterparts. They also often wary of the adverse consequences of harsh chemicals. This is why they shun those means that are potentially harmful.


Just in case you abhor or are apprehensive of chemicals and laser technology, you may consider going natural in your attempt to rid your body of excess hair. You have several permanent hair removals naturally options to try out here. Below are but a few of them:


You may try out the wax. You make your own wax by heating water, lemon juice, and sugar until these three vital ingredients combine firmly. These substitute the commercially available wax strips or wax materials.

If you opt for this route, be sure to know the precise ingredients that constitute the wax. This is to be certain that there are no harsh chemicals in the wax and to assure you of the safety of the wax as a whole.

Wax is also great for both men and women. Its results are however not permanent. The hair easily re-grows when subjected to favorable environmental conditions.


Ayurveda is a great option. It is a traditional means of healing that traces its roots thousands of years ago in India. It leverages the mind and the body which is by far one of the oldest mechanisms in existence today.

This approach is hinged on the premise that the balance between the spirit, mind, and body has a bearing on the wellness and the health of humans. This is a better way of promoting health rather than combating sicknesses.

For this method to bring about permanent outcomes, Ayurveda has to be combined with a variety of excess ingredients. These include turmeric, oil, tea, flour. And potato-based mixtures.

Even though natural hair removal techniques are safe, they are nonetheless less efficient. Their outcomes do not last as long. Because of this, you may consider other approaches or be ready to repeat the permanent hair removal procedures every quite often.


You have indeed received the right guidance to the subject matter of laser hair removal. The pieces of information we have furnished you above are indeed great and handy. You may now go ahead and implement this procedure with confidence.

It is not enough to know the procedure and the subject matter only. You definitely have to take the first bold step to leverage the benefit of this technique. We strongly recommend the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X as the starting point. It is by far the best at home laser hair removal machines. All the best as you undertake your next laser hair removal exercise!