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Last Updated March 2021

Perhaps no other skincare treatment regime is as effective as the facemask. These masks indeed play some crucial roles when applied on the face. These include the improvements of the skin pores, the removal excess oils from the skin, hydration of the skin, elimination of certain kinds of skin impurities, and the concealment of some issues that the skin may possess, to mention but a few!

It is for these reasons that it is worth knowing about these wonderful, yet rarely used skincare interventions. We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of this particular article towards that very end. We are subsequently going to handle and discuss all the relevant aspects of these skincare products.

Some of the issues we are going to handle are what the facemasks really are, the different types of facemasks, how to use the facemasks, and whether the facemasks really work. These we hope shall be great eye openers.

What Are Face Masks?

For a start, facemasks are special kinds of skincare ointments which are applied onto the skin. They possess a host of active ingredients which have restorative and medicinal ingredients. These include the herbs, essential oils, Aloe Vera, mud, and clay.

They are available for sale over-the-counter and as such, require no prescription from a dermatologist or a competent doctor. You may, therefore, incorporate and utilize them in your at-home beauty routine or even as professional applications. This is not to mention that they are also cheaper to come by and will therefore not inflict too much strain on your pocket.

These facemasks as stated, help your skin in more ways than one. They fight acne, get rid of impurities, hydrate the skin, tone the skin, diminish the sizes of the pores, and heal blemishes, to mention but a few! They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and forms. Regardless of these inherent differences, the masks perform more or less similar kinds of chores.

Different Types of Face Masks

As has already been hinted above, the face masks come in various shades and forms. These variations determine to a great extent their efficacy when applied on the skin. It is therefore wise to know more about these variations. The following are the major kinds of facemasks in existence today:

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Clay Masks

As the name suggests, the clay masks possess plenty of clay ingredients. These include the bentonite, kaolin, and ordinary clay. These tighten and enhance the absorbent nature of the sebum. They are mainly applicable in drawing oil and dirt from the deep pores to the surface of the skin.

Cream Masks or Gel Masks

These are designed to furnish plenty of moisture to the dehydrated and dry skin. At the same time, it also repairs the damages that are inflicted by the free radicals besides improving the production of collagen.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliation is a vital part of any skincare regime. It basically entails the elimination of dead skin from the surfaces of the skin. This is to reveal only the fresh and healthy skin. The exfoliation face masks are so called because they aid in sloughing off the dead cells of the skin besides reducing redness. They possess generous amounts of glycolic acid.

Enzyme Masks

If you have skin that is either dull or inflammatory, you want to bring in the enzyme masks. They are great at ridding the skin of these conditions. While at this, they also minimize the creation of any forms of irritations.

Peel-off Masks

Also called the rubber masks, the peel-off masks are putty-like mixtures which harden after each application. They are further peeled off whenever the hardened substance is eliminated. They mainly play the role of renewing the nature and quality of the skin.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are highly penetrative kinds of face masks. When applied onto the skin, they percolate deeper in the pores and harden. This way, they push the ingredients as far deeper into the skin as possible. They subsequently give rise to better outcomes that are more enduring.

Overnight Masks

These ones are designed to be applied at night. They are also called the leave-on masks. Generally speaking, they come in the forms of creams or gels. Once applied, they percolate deeper into the skin and settle within the sweat pores. They give rise to some luminous skin when you wake up.

Natural Masks

You may also wish to make use of the do-it-yourself formulations. You just have to log on to the internet and identify the ones that mostly suits your unique circumstances. Some of the ingredients you will have to utilize are the honey, oats, and sugar.

How to Use a Face Mask

The exact procedure you use depends on the kind of facemask you have in store. This is in turn determined by the precise skin conditions you face. In the proceeding segment of the conversation, we are going to look into the various kinds of skin conditions and the procedures to be followed to do the job:

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Dehydrated Skin

If yours is a dehydrated skin, you have to look for a moisturizing mask which possesses great hydration properties. Avoid those products that are rich in clay or mud. To apply the mask:

  • Start off by washing and drying your face.
  • Use glycerin to get rid of the makeup and other finer particles from off the skin.
  • Thereafter proceed to apply generous amounts of the face mask.
  • Be sure to cover the entire face include below the chin and the back of the neck.

Oily and Congested Skin

For oily and congested skin, you have to find a face mask which is capable of getting rid of acne by drawing out all the impurities. You will have the clay masks for your taking if you have such kinds of skins.

  • For best results, apply extreme amounts of the mask on your face.
  • Spread the mask out evenly to see to it that each portion of your face is fully covered.
  • Leave it to settle for around one hour before taking any further course of action.
  • Peel off the mask at the expiration of the one-hour interval to leave behind a fresh and nice looking skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins often appear red or inflamed whenever they are handled. To mitigate them, you should find the masks which have the ability to soothe and calm them. The masks which contain nourishing abilities such as those that have rose hips are your best bet. They hasten the process of healing of your skin. To apply the appropriate face mask on the sensitive skin:

  • Wash the skin thoroughly and dry using a clean piece of towel
  • Take some sufficient amounts of the facemask and apply to the skin
  • Apply extra amounts on those portions of the skin that are worst affected
  • Leave to settle and harden
  • Finish off by slowly and meticulously peeling off the mask

Normal Skin

You may use just about every other kind of face mask for your normal skin. The ones that brighten the skin are however by far the most recommended for the job. In order to apply the mask and let it achieve its role, follow the simple procedures outlined below:

  • Wash your face with warm and clean water
  • Remove excess dirt and makeup using glycerin and other face wash
  • You may also wish to exfoliate the skin at this stage
  • Dry the face by use of a clean towel
  • Apply generous quantities of the facemask on the skin
  • Leave the mask to percolate deep into the skin and harden also
  • After it has fully dried, peel off gently to leave behind great skin

As you may well have already noted, facemasks are meant for everyone. You only have to identify your unique problem and then proceed to find one which most suits your unique problem and issue. Most modern masks are designed in such a manner as not to clog on the skin and inflict untold issues and inconveniences.

Do Face Masks Really Work?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is YES. The face masks indeed do work. This, however, depends on several factors. You have to curate the ingredients of the facemasks carefully as a first precaution. Your use of the facemasks entitle you to a number of these and many more benefits:

Fighting some Skin Conditions

These include the clearing up your complexion to fight some skin conditions like acne and the impetigo. This stems from the ability of the facemasks to be easily applied and the possession of extremely active ingredients. These ingredients deliver awesome outcomes indeed.

Improving the Tone of the Skin

When properly applied, a good face mask will also improve the tone of your skin. Your skin will feel properly toned and more tightened after some regular and prolonged use. Some, as a matter of fact, are so effective that they deliver the outcomes necessary after only a single use.

Enhance the Health of the Skin

They are also great at enhancing the health of the skin. They do so by eliminating excess oils, diminishing the sizes of the pores, and removing unwanted impurities from the pores. These masks do the said jobs by reason of possessing a variety of extremely potent ingredients. The ingredients percolate within the pores and harden there. While in there, they neutralize and break down the ingredients into their finest particles. They subsequently facilitate the flushing out of those impurities while taking a bath later.

Soften and Hydrate the Skin

Even though they are mainly designed for medicinal values, they are also capable of performing the ordinary roles that the lotions and skin care creams play. They include moisturizing and softening the skin. They are therefore the better options as they bring about more returns on the amount of money invested.

Generally speaking, you have to pay keen attention to the kind of mask you eventually settle on. This is because the effectiveness of the mask depends mainly on the ingredients it contains. You, therefore, have to thoroughly examine the creams, gels, overnight offerings, and imported sheets to find the specific product that is suitable for your use and needs.

In case you have opted for the do-it-yourself approach, you have to come up with a recipe that is super effective. This can only happen if you come up with a nice ingredient which is proven to be very effective. Look out for a good recipe to be able to accomplish this.

Take great care as you mix the various ingredients. Not everything that is naturally edible may be great and harmless to your skin. Some may, in fact, turn out to be disparaging and toxic to your skin. To be sure of the best outcomes possible, you are advised to do a patch skin test on a portion of your skin.

Observe how the mixture responds to the skin before determining the next step to take. If the reaction is adverse, you may have to rethink the whole issue. You may also want to alter the formulation of the mask to be able to milder on your skin.


On the whole, the face masks also aid you in unwinding and relaxing. This is because they ensure the smooth flow of blood within the blood vessels that make up the skin. In the course of so doing, they enable the skin to stay healthier, better nourished, and properly hydrated.

What’s more? The use of facemasks reduces the need for constant consultation and visits to the dermatologist. This is because it strengthens the faculties of the skin and makes it strong enough to repel those issues if and when they arrive.

You, therefore, have to incorporate the face masks as part of your skincare regime even if your skin is perfectly normal or healthy. This ideally should be the case at least once a year. You definitely want to give your skin some revitalization and boost which is unachievable with other kinds of skin care techniques.

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