How to Apply Setting Powder

Last Updated March 2021

Applying makeup is one thing. Having the makeup perform its role of enhancing the appearance of your skin is yet another altogether. This is because, the structure, texture, and appearance of your skin all play some roles in determining the efficiency of the makeups.

It is because of this that the setting powder is absolutely necessary. The setting powder is basically a kind of powder that is used to set or lock in the foundation and makeup. This way, it enables these two substances to penetrate the skin deeper and last a longer duration of time.

The setting powder in and of itself is not enough. The manner in which it is applied and how often it is used both matters. That is why getting to know these relevant pieces of information is by all means equally significant.

In our discussions here below, we are going to examine these relevant pieces of information in their finer details. To do these, we shall look into how to select the best setting powder, how to apply your setting powder, the various uses of the setting powder and the differences between the setting powder and the finishing powder.

At the tail end of the discussions, you will surely receive the insight you badly require to be able to make the right purchasing decision. This is not to mention also that you will also be better placed to utilize these powders well.

how to apply dermablend setting powder

Choosing a Type of Powder

With so many setting powders in existence and also considering the various kinds of skins around, finding the right setting powder is by all means crucial. This step sees to it that you match the powder with the condition to be mitigated as well as the nature of the skin. The following are some of the factors to consider while undertaking this noble goal:

Nature of Coverage

This refers to the size of the portion of the skin you are interested in covering. It also touches on the thickness of the application as a whole. If you want a complete and lightweight coverage, you have the loose powder for your consideration. Its finer particles create a uniform coating instead of the second layer of concealer.

The Density of the Powder

The setting powders differ in terms of their density. Compact powder is less dense. They are hence great for touch-ups. The pressed compact powder, on the other hand, is denser. It is hence suitable for those quick touch-ups which are to last the whole day. You should not use it on sensitive skin though as it contains silicone which is irritating.

Skin Complexion

You should also be mindful of the complexion of the skin. Those skins that are normal or dry are quite responsive to the compact powder. You may as a matter of fact even prefer them over and above the liquid foundation. This subsequently means that the pressed compact powder ought not to be used in them at all.

Expected Outcomes

What exactly do you expect from these setting powders? Do you just want them to fix the makeups in or to minimize the shines? If you prefer that these powders also minimize the shines, try out the translucent powders. They are pretty reliable in diminishing the shines that are caused by the over-accumulation of oil on the skin.

Powder Variant

Other differences in density, the powders also come in different variations. These are the loose and the compact variants respectively. The loose are so called because they are in liquid or paste forms. The compact forms, on the other hand, are in solid forms. Find the one that is convenient for your application.


In all, the setting powders are available in different hues, shades, and colors. These tints or colors determine to a great extent the manner in which the setting powders may be used. The translucent powders are used on bare skin without any makeup at all. The tinted variants brighten the skin and also rectifies its tone. The colored versions reduce the glare and shine.

Skin Hydration

Lastly, the hydration of your skin also determines the kind of setting powder to use. Talc is great for those skins that are oily. This is because it has some properties that absorb oil to leave behind a skin that is completely fresh and healthy.

If your skin is dry, you want to use a powder that possesses hyaluronic acid. This acid possesses great moisturizing capabilities. It, therefore, has the capability of hydrating the skin by restoring the delicate moisture balance besides putting a sunscreen that shields the skin from direct contact with the sun.

The silica powder is the best option for the normal skin. It guarantees smooth applications and elicits nice responses from the dry skin.

how to apply loose setting powder

Applying Your Powder

Now that you know how to select the right setting powder for the job, you should now know how to apply the powder altogether. The activity of applying the setting powder is long, detailed and quite involving indeed. This is due to the sensitive nature of the skin and the products that are used altogether. The procedures below will help to do the job:

Step I: Wash your face thoroughly

Start off by washing your face thoroughly. Use warm water to do so. This is because such water gets rid of the specks of dirt and dust that are clogged in the pores. After you are through, dry your face using a clean piece of towel. Leave to aerate and dry further after you have used the towel.

Step II: Apply your foundation first

Next, apply the foundation first and foremost. If you prefer using the concealer and the primer, do incorporate them too at this stage as well. Be sure to blend all the ingredients thoroughly and in the right proportions. The formulation of the foundation determines to a great extent the quality of the final outcomes.

Step III: Apply the Setting Powder

You now have to apply the setting powder. You ought to do so while the foundation is still damp. This is because a hardened foundation will usually make the application of powder quite tricky. Use a makeup sponge to do the job. Alternatively, you may use the powder brush or powder puff.

Step IV: Apply an appropriate amount of setting powder

Different kinds of skins require different amounts of powders. This is due to the differences in the nature of expected outcomes. You should, therefore, ascertain the correct amounts of setting powder you require for the job. You should also spread this powder out evenly for best outcomes. A lighter powder is good for the dewy finish while a heavier powder is good for a matte finish and oily skin.

Step V: Pay keen attention to the t-zone as you apply the powder

In order to obtain natural and seamless looks, you are required to focus more on the t-zone of your face. This is the region that lies across the lower part of your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Much of the oil tends to accumulate here than in any other portion of your face. Dust the powder over your face lightly after which you are to apply some little powder too.

Step VI: Keep your Foundation Intact

While applying the setting powder, keep the foundation intact. Use the press-and-roll motion to keep the foundation intact. In case you are using a makeup sponge or a powder puff, refrain from applying the powder using the wiping motion. Instead, press and roll the powder gently onto your face to prevent moving the foundation and concealer

Step VII: Bake your Skin

After applying the setting powder, allow it to settle for around 1-2 minutes. This is to encourage the powder to set in firmly and better. Proceed thereafter to blend and buff the face using a fluffy makeup brush. To do this, go over your entire face in circular motions using a large, fluffy makeup brush to blend everything seamlessly.

Step VIII: Apply the rest of your makeup

Finish off by applying the rest of the makeup. Some of these are eye makeups, highlighters, bronzer, and brush. The kabuki brush is your best companion all day long. It is simple to use and great for on the go applications.

Alternatives way to use Setting Powder

Apart from merely locking in the foundation and makeup in place, the setting powder can also perform other roles. We are going to highlight and examine these alternative uses in the proceeding segment of the conversations:

Set your Eyeliner

You may use the setting powder as a cosmetic to highlight the eyes. The translucent setting powder will help you to do this role well. You just have to dust the translucent setting powder over the eyeliner using a thin brush to play this particular role.

Line your Bottom Lashes

Other than the eyes, you may also get to highlight the bottom lashes. Yet again, the translucent setting powder comes in handy at such times. Apply the powder first and then the eyeliner next after which you are to finish off with more powder.

Lengthen the Lifespan of your Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks are prone to erasure and peel offs due to the fact that they do get licked every quite often. The good news though is that the problem can be mitigated. Just apply generous amounts of translucent powder over the lip liner and matte lipstick to achieve this.

Volumize Thin Lashes

Do you have some thin lashes? The good news is that you can make them appear mature and luxurious indeed. Simply use the thin lashes alongside the mascara to achieve the job. Press the translucent powder on the thin lashes then dust using an eyebrow brush. Follow this up using yet another layer of coat mascara.

Catch Excess Eyeshadow

It is not uncommon to apply excess eyeshadow on your eyes. The end results of this is a ghastly and unpleasant appearance. You definitely want to get rid of excess eyeshadow. The setting powder will aid you in this. Simply use a clean brush to dust the powder away. You may also use the tinted setting powder for this role too.

Reduce Shines on your Eyelids

Your eyelids may often shine excessively bright whenever too much makeup is applied onto it. To reduce this shine, you may use the translucent powder or the concealer. The concealer is great for oily skins whereas the translucent setting powder is for the normal skins. Make use of the eyeshadow brush to dust the said areas of your eyes. This will soak up extra oil and help to brighten your eyes.

Substitute Dry Shampoo

Rather than using a dry shampoo to cleanse your hair, you may consider utilizing the setting powder for the job. The powder as stated repeatedly is good at soaking excess oils from the skin and hair. Simply sprinkle some translucent powder setting to the roots of the hair to do the job.

Reduce Sweating or Chaffing

Lastly, the setting powder can also reduce sweating or chaffing. All you have to do to leverage this benefit if to apply the setting powder onto your palms or the underside of your feet. The powder will absorb excess sweat that is located within these areas. Its powerful suction pressure is the one that sucks the sweat to leave behind an extremely dry skin.

Differences between Finishing Powder and Setting Powder?

Even though these two powders are often used hand in hand, they do exhibit some inherent differences. The following are some of the points of departures between these two kinds of powders:


The setting powders are generally available in two basic forms. These are the loose setting and the compressed setting powders, respectively. The choice of the right one basically depends on personal preferences as well as the precise issue at hand.

The finishing powder is also available in both the compressed and loose forms. However, they are finer and softer in texture. They, therefore, exude some consistency which is unparalleled by the setting powder counterpart.


By their formulation and design, the setting powder is great for use alongside your foundation. This is because it plays the role of setting the foundation or holding it in place in order to prevent it from getting rubbed off.

The finishing powder, on the other hand, is applied atop the setting powder and all the other makeup. This means you apply the foundation first, after which you apply the setting powder, then other makeups and finally the finishing powder.


Generally speaking, the setting powder is relevant for everyday use and applications. The logic that underlies this is the fact that the foundations are used every quite often, mostly on a daily basis. It also appears more natural and sheerer.

The finishing powder is however used only for those rare occasions. These include weddings, parties, and get-togethers. They are also comparatively more expensive, a fact that makes them all the more unsuitable for everyday use and applications.

You should, therefore, ascertain the exact purpose for which you intend to use these two cosmetics before deciding which one to place your bet on. This way, you will be able to settle for the one that is most relevant for your use.


Skincare is indeed a great venture. The self-confidence of most people is largely determined by their appearance as well as the accolades they receive from others. It, therefore, follows that with the best skincare, people get to boost their self-confidence significantly.

This heightened self-confidence is vital for those careers which require some form of publicity. These include the journalism, politics, motivational talks, and comedy, to mention but a few! If you happen to have an interest in any of these careers, you have no choice but to incorporate a good skincare regime as part of your grooming regime.

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