How to Get Perkier Breasts

Last Updated March 2021

Are you a woman really worth her salt? If I heard you answer this question in the affirmative, you, by all means, have to possess perkier breasts. These are simply breasts that are steady, healthier, and livelier. They play significant roles in enhancing your look and self-esteem.

How to Get Perkier Breasts

Developing such kinds of breasts require a great deal of effort, time, and due diligence. Needless to say, you also have to possess the relevant know-how for the attainment of that noble goal. This is the purpose for which we have deemed it necessary to generate the following contents.

Our overall aim in this conversation is to identify, examine, and showcase the various options you might want to explore to obtain the best possible outcomes. We have taken great care to only list those options which require no external interventions and also cost the least realistic amounts of money to implement.

How to Get Perkier Breasts Without Surgery

Put on Breast Mask

You may consider making use of the breast mask at least once a week. You will first of all have to prepare the mask. To do this, grind some cucumber and break some egg yolk. Add these two to some butter and natural cream.

Blend these ingredients into some paste after which you should them to your breast. Leave to settle for around 15-20 minutes. Wash off. The mask strengthens the breast tissues and makes them firmer too.

Apply Essential Oils

Some essential oils like carrot oil, spearmint oil, lemongrass, and fennel oil may also come to your rescue. You are however advised against using more than two drops of these oils at a time to avoid the burning sensation that naturally arises at such time.

Use them alongside other vegetable oils. In case you encounter undesirable outcomes, discontinue use almost immediately. You will, by using these oils regularly and consistently, obtain firmer and less sagging breasts.

How to Get Perkier Breasts Without Surgery

Wear Special Bras

There are quite a number specially designed bras which may also mitigate the problem of sagging breasts You might want to consider these bras as part of your effort to attain perkier. These bras generally have strong support holders which exist at their cup bottoms.

They lift the breasts and in the process of that, make them firmer. You might want technical assistance and advice in this. This is because selecting the right one entails the consideration of many factors at a time.

Stay in the Right Posture

Poor sitting posture is largely to blame for sagging and unproportioned breasts. By consistently lowering your shoulders and hunching forwards, you compromise the structural support your breasts need to stay firm. On the contrary, you let them hang freely and under the influence of gravity.

You may have to work on your posture to be able to reverse the trend. Practice standing or sitting in an upright position. Alternatively, you may have to acquire and put on anti-slouching attire. This straightens your back and offers the support necessary for firmer breasts.

General Physical Activity

Some of the normal behaviors we engage in day in day out also have a bearing on the state of the breasts. These include excessive forward bending, running, jogging, and jumping up and down the stairs. They stretch your skin and muscles which make it quite tricky to reverse the consequences.

To counter these issues, consider purchasing nicely fitting sports bras which have the attendant consequence of reducing fidgeting and unnecessary motions. This might thus contribute to making your breasts become more stable.

Thorough Massage

It is advisable to massage your breast at least 2 to 3 times a week. Use olive oil to do the job. You will experience added firmness to your skin while at the same time improving the texture and the tone thereof.

This is because of the process of massage channels blood to the skin surface. With the increased flow of blood, you receive stimulated muscle growth and a host of other benefits which all combine to enhance the appearance of the sagging breasts.


Yoga has been studied every now and then and found to be beneficial to the entire body. It tones the body and enhances its flexibility. It also impacts the breasts positively especially when you put yourself in the right practice position.

To get the best of yoga, select only those that work the upper of your body. These include your upper arms, pectorals, shoulders, chest and of course, breasts! They will add firmness to your breasts and also enhance the strength of the muscles that constitute the breasts altogether.

Perform some Breast Exercises

Other than yoga, you might also want to try out a couple of breasts exercises. These include the push-ups, weight lifting, and boxing. They shape the breasts and cut down the levels of fat deposits which ordinarily exist around the chest region.

What’s more? They also strengthen the muscles such as those at the arm curls, dumbbells flys, and chest presses. In light of this, the breast becomes firmer and more stable than before. This is not to mention that they streamline the flow of blood as well.

Sit and stand up straight

Sitting and standing upright may make a contribution, albeit small, to the reversal of the sagging of breasts. The reason why this is the case is that the back stays in the upright stature. This reduces the gravitational push on the breasts which may make them lose firmness.

This approach requires a lot of patience to yield the desired outcome. To hasten the process, you may require the intervention of an anti-slouch attire. The benefits of improved digestion and stronger muscles also await you.

Quit smoking

You might also want to consider quitting smoking if you ever hope to gain perkier breasts for a prolonged duration of time. The reason is that smoking destroys the elasticity of your skin. The same case applies to the breasts as well.

By quitting smoking, you make it possible for the skin to regenerate faster and becomes firmer. This way, you get to obtain greater outcomes which are desirable for the reversal of the sagging breasts. The goal requires great discipline to accomplish.

Build your chest muscles

To prevent further sagging, you might want to address the muscles of your chests. Making your chest muscle stronger will make the breast more capable of resisting the gravitational push. The following are some of the exercises which you might want to try out to build the muscles of your chests: T-planks, push-ups, pec-dec flys, dumbbell flys, incline bench press, decline chest press, and overhead press.

Avoid yo-yo dieting

As a last resort, you should also contemplate avoiding the yo-yo dieting. Unbeknown to many, the diet regime also has a bearing on the kinds of breasts. The yo-yo diet is especially harmful as it compels your breasts to diminish in size and grow perpetually.

Avoid processed foods, excess fat and sugar, and junks meals. Instead, opt for whole grains, foods that are rich in fiber, those with low calories, and of course, take plenty of fresh water. Some of the recommended foods are seeds, nuts, fruits, seafood, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits.

Exercise to Make Your Boobs Perkier

Exercise to Make Your Boobs Perkier

#1: Hands Plank Reaches

This is basically an exercise that is intended to work your core and improve your balance. As it does so, it also firms your breast by placing them in the desired shape and form. Follow these procedures to make the exercise become a reality:

• Place yourself in the plank position. At the same time, stack your shoulders over your wrists with your body in a straight line. Place the shoulder also between the top of your head and the toes.

• While at this position, lift your right hand and stretch it out in front of you.

• Retract your right hand to the floor and stretch out your left hand in front of you.

• Get back to the plank position to conclude one rep.

• Continue to the alternate sides.

• Maintain your hips square to the ground to burn extra fat in your core.

#2: Hands Plank Step-ins

This is pretty much the same as the hand’s plank reaches, with the only exception being that it entails some step-ins. This simply means that it entails the use of the legs as well, over and above the hands and the core. The following are the procedures to follow to actualize it:

• Place yourself in the plank shoulders. Stack your shoulders over your wrists. At the same time, position your body in a straight line in between the top of your head and the toes.

• While at this position, raise your right foot in the forward direction and toward your right hand

• Follow this with the left foot. Raise it toward your left hand

• (The above processes shift your weight in the forward direction. This isolates the muscles which offer support to your breasts.)

• Step your right foot back and do the same with the left foot.

• Repeat the reps over and over again!

#3: Single-arm Chest Fly

The single-arm chest fly is a great upper body move. It makes use of the dumbbells to strengthen the chest muscles and arms. It complements the push-ups. To do this exercise, follow these steps:

• Sit on a mat and stretch out the legs.

• Point your toes and support your lower back on a rolled-up mat or playground ball.

• Get hold of one dumbbell in each of your hand.

• Extend the hands in front of you to the level of your shoulder with your palms facing up.

• Lean back at an angle of around 45°

• While at this position, spread your arms to the right side

• Twist from the waist until the weights are as far apart from each other as possible.

• Work your chest muscles in the course of returning your weight to the starting position

• Continue for around 30 seconds

• Switch the sides thereafter opening to the left this time around

#4: Bent-arm Chest Openers

As the name suggests, the chest openers are exercises which are designed to work the chest. They make use of the dumbbell to impose some weight on the hands and the chest when stretched out. The following are the steps taken to work the exercise out:

• Get hold of one dumbbell in each hand

• Take a wide stance with your toes directed at around 45° outwards

• Bend your knees and elbows at an angle of around 90°

• Bring the weights out to your sides while positioning your palms facing forwards and your wrists stacked over your elbows.

• While at this position, engage the muscles of your chest to squeeze out the arms together in front of your body.

• Release the arms with control in order to complete one rep,

• Stay low throughout the entire time so as to tap into your butt and thighs.

#5: High-low Ball squeeze

Lastly is high-low ball squeeze. The exercise entails getting hold of a ball and squeezing it tightly using your bare hands. It works the hands, triceps, biceps, and of course, the chest. This is the breakdown to follow to do it:

• Get hold of a small playground ball in between your palms

• Take a wider stance while pointing your toes pointing 45° outward

• Bend your knees and elbows about 90°

• Bring the ball closer to your chest while engaging the pectoral muscles to squeeze the palms together

• Stretch out your arms to raise the ball straight up overhead while extending your knees to come up halfway

• Squeeze the ball between your palms while bending your knees back to a 90° angle

• Pulse up while bringing the ball back to the chest height


It is not enough to receive the head knowledge in and of itself. You definitely want to identify at least one of the most suitable option for you and implement it fully. How else will you be able to obtain your perkier breasts without taking such a crucial practical step?

You are definitely not the only one who may be in need of perkier breasts. It goes without saying that there are numerous other persons in your inner circle or neighborhood who also wish to obtain such kinds of breasts. Why don’t you consider sharing this information with them too?

Just to recap the major point, perkier breasts play invaluable roles in enhancing your looks and appearance. As a woman who is truly worth her salt, you have no option but to implement at least one strategy above to transform your breasts. Best of luck as you contemplate taking the first step towards the same!

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