How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Last Updated January 2021

Nobody likes the ugly razor bumps. These bumps and inflammations that develop on sensitive skin indeed interfere with the health and appearance of the skin. They also compromise the self-confidence which might have a negative impact on self-esteem.

It is for these reasons that the conditions have to be mitigated by hook or crook. The processes of getting rid of these razor bumps are long, elaborate, and quite tedious. Moreover, being complicated, they require a sound understanding of the razor bumps in the first place.

Given our desire to help you to overcome the problem, we have seen it necessary to furnish you with both sets of knowledge. With regards to this, we are going to furnish both sets of information. We have researched on and are going to examine the causes and the possible intervention measures of these kinds of bumps.

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 How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Step I: Stop shaving for some time

Stop shaving for at least 2 to 3 days. This is to let your razor bumps to heal and vanish. In case you have to shave, do make use of the depilatory or waxing cream to shield your skin from the risks of razor bump.

Step II: Apply the heat on the razor bumps

Next, apply the heat on the razor bumps for around 5 to 10 minutes using a soaked wash rag or hot compress to shrink the razor bumps. Doing this will kill the germs that are present and reduce the likelihood of the ugly look emerging.

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Step III: Put hydrocortisone cream on the razor bumps

To remove redness, inflammation, and itching, put some hydrocortisone cream on the razor bumps. As soon as the razor bumps have faded away, typically in 1 to 3 days, cease applying the hydrocortisone cream. You do not want your skin to develop rashes.

Step IV: Put on cotton underwear or breathable clothing

Given that these clothes are made of natural fabrics, they will allow your skin to breathe by allowing fresh air to seep in. This also prevents the trapping of bacteria which normally worsen the razor bumps or generate foul stench.

Step V: Avoid picking the bumps with your hands

Refrain from picking the razor bumps with your bare hands. On the same note, do not rub the portions of your skin with the razor bumps because this will slow down the healing process and interfere with the mitigation of the problem.

Step VI: Try some natural homemade remedies

Some natural homemade remedies may also come to your rescue. These include the milk, cucumber, cornstarch, and a host of natural creams. By mixing them appropriately and applying them diligently, they will get to slow down or even completely deal with the problem altogether.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Listed and explained below are some of the natural homemade remedies which may help you in tackling the problem of the razor bump:

#1: Witch Hazel

This is a natural antiseptic which sanitizes and soothes the affected portions of your skin. It possesses great antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. These are potent enough to allow for faster acting and immediate responses. To use it:

• Blend it with a cream of your choice

• Mix thoroughly

• Apply it slowly and evenly on the affected area of your skin

• Leave to settle for some time

• Wash off with clean water

#2: Cucumber Paste

Cucumber heals the tiny pimples that are often left behind after shaving. Follow the procedure stipulated below to make use of it:

• Mash around ½ cup of cucumber puree

• Add a quarter cup of raw milk

• Let the mixture be semi-solid

• Apply it over the affected area several times a day

• Rinse off as soon as the mixture dries off on the skin

#3: Cold Compress

If all you want is to calm down your skin for some time, the cold compress is yours for consideration. Follow the steps below to leverage its awesome power:

• Wrap up some ice cubes in a slightly breathable cloth

• Press it against the affected area of your skin

• Do this several times to forestall the shaving rash

• Soak the area in warm water

• Shave the hair

• Splash some cold water to cool down the hyperactive nerves

#4: Hot Compress

Hot compress is by far the oldest and most widely used intervention measure against the issue of razor bumps. Its relevance has also persisted notwithstanding the emergence of numerous modern razor bumps removal methods. To actualize it:

• Dip a piece of cloth or cotton in warm water

• Wrinkle it out to get rid of excess water

• Press the cloth gently against the affected area of the skin. This will open up the pores which contain the trapped hair.

• Lastly, extract the hair by use of a sanitized tweezer or needle

#5: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used since time immemorial to tackle almost every other skin issue. It exudes some calming effects which in turn soothes the troubled skin in a matter of minutes. As such, it heals inflammations and also acts as a skin moisturizer. These steps will help you to make good use of it:

• Take some freshly cut ripe leaf of Aloe Vera or purchase some organic Aloe Vera Gel

• Remove the skin

• Scoop out the Aloe Vera Gel

• Apply the paste over the skin until it dries off

• Rinse off with cold water

• For better results, leave it overnight

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

To prevent the razor bumps, you have the following natural remedies to consider leveraging:

#1: Lavender Essential Oil

This oil has great soothing effects. For this reason, it is able to treat the razor bumps well. Moreover, it also possesses great healing powers which eliminate irritations and redness considerably. To apply it:

• Dilute 6 or 8 drops the lavender in carrier oil

• These include the almond oil or grapeseed

• Gently massage it onto the skin

#2: Baking Soda

The baking soda has been in use almost from the beginning of time. It has proved effective and reliable for the elimination of razor bumps. These procedures will help you to unlock its potential:

• Soak some cotton ball in a cup of purified water

• Dab a bit of the baking soda onto the cotton ball

• Apply it on the affected portion of the skin

• Allow the mixture to settle on the skin until dry

• Rinse with cool water

#3: Tea Bags

Black teabags often help in ridding the skin of the razor bumps. This stems from its possession of the tannic acid which reduces redness and inflammations. Other than this, it also soothes burns which are brought about by the razor shaves. These steps will help you out in this:

• Select the cheapest and most readily available tea bag

• Moisten a black tea bag in warm water

• Rub it over the affected area for around 3 minutes

• Repeat it severally per day or as the need may demand

#4: Tea Tree Oil

This is yet another natural anti-bacterial agent. It is similar to the lavender oil or witch hazel. This is due to its possession of the natural astringent properties which alleviate skin irritations that often result from shaving.

• Dilute it with some little water first and foremost

• Apply a small amount of it on the razor bumps

• Wash off thoroughly to get rid of any residues

#5: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is on the whole naturally acidic. Because of this, it prevents the colonization of the in-grown hair follicles by bacteria and other micro-organisms. Its possession of high levels of Vitamin C also promotes the development of new skin cells faster. To use it:

• Apply the lemon juice on the affected area

• You may have to dilute first if yours is an extremely sensitive skin

• Leave to settle for a while

• Rinse thoroughly using cold water

How and why are Razor Bumps Formed?

Razor bumps are formed because of two main reasons. First is the use of infected razors or shaving machines of the job. If germs that are on the shaving tools come in contact with the skin, it leads to the rise of these bumps.

Next is that some skin is naturally sensitive to anything shaving. If and when you use a razor which you apply as close enough to the skin, the friction which results will often generate the bumps. It is, therefore, necessary to pay keen attention to the kinds of shaving equipment you use.

In some instances, using that shaving equipment that is blunt may also give rise to the problem. This is because you will have to apply greater friction to eliminate the hair from the skin. The higher friction level is what rubs the skin unnecessarily and end up causing the bumps to arise thereafter.

Causes of Razor Bumps

Other than the top causes we have already discussed above, below are some of the other minor yet equally significant causes of the razor bumps:

• Shaving too close to the pubic hair

• Applying too much pressure in the course of shaving

• Making use of multi-blade razors which generally pull out a lot of hair

• Utilizing extremely old and dilapidated razors

• Leaving your hair un-exfoliated before and after removing the hair

• Shaving without wetting your skin

• Failing to use a proper foaming agent to enhance your shaving

• Not adhering to a proper after-shave routine

• Shaving in the opposite direction of the hair

How to Get Rid of Bikini Razor Bumps

Follow these three steps to get rid of the bikini razor bumps:

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#1: Keep the Bikini area germ-free

Keep the bikini area germ-free. Use the medicated soaps to cleanse the areas and rid them of any germs. On the same note, put on only cotton underwear or any other breathable attire. Avoid clothes made of synthetic fabric as they will not channel in sufficient amounts of air. Moreover, they also trap bacteria and sweat both of which worsen the razor bumps.

#2: Make use of only new blades

Dealing with sensitive areas of the body like the bikini area requires only new blades if the hope of mitigating the emergence of germs is to be realized. With regards to this, kindly avoid any dull blades which might cut your skin. The same precaution applies to the old blades which are most likely germ infested too!

#3: Adhere to the right after-shave routine

You also want to adhere to the right after-shave routine as the last option. These include shaving along rather than against the grain, softening the skin with a shaving gel, and applying a proper after-shave like the Lidocaine to exterminate any germs which might give rise to these conditions in the first place.


Getting rid of the razor bumps ought to be a priority to anyone who has beards of too much hair in the private parts. The discomforts that naturally come along with these bumps are issues you want to stay away from at all costs.

It is against this backdrop that we highly recommend that you try out at least one intervention measure we have recommended above. This is the only way you might be certain to obtain the most desirable outcomes and generate fresh and clean outcomes.

Going forward, you may have to narrow to some specific methods which are relevant to your liking. Follow this by practicing the procedures which are intended to bring them to fruition. With constant practice, it will be possible for you to gain the required experience and expertise for the job.

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