How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Last Updated January 2021

As part of your beauty and grooming, you may also consider working on your eyes. The eyes are very significant in enhancing your beauty unlike almost any other part of your body. This is because they are the first point of contact between you and a third party.

This is why some knowledge of how to make big eyes look smaller is by all means called for. These tips are our primary concern in the entire article. We have divided the article into two main parts. The first part discusses how to make the big eyes appear smaller. The second part, on the other hand, touches on how to apply the eyeliner to suit your eyes.


If you have big eyes, you may wish to make them appear smaller. This is to enhance your looks and make you appear all the more decent. Perhaps no other method is as effective for the job as the use of makeups. To be able to actualize this procedure, you simply have to cut down the surface area of the lid and ball of your eyes.

This technique works in the same principle as putting on a white and black dress. The black color absorbs all light and makes your body appear smaller. The white color, on the other hand, makes your body appear heavier and wider by reason of reflecting sufficient quantities of light.

When applied to the makeups, the technique yields more or less similar objectives. The eyeshadow subtracts from the surface areas of the larger eyes which results into smaller appearances. We are going to exhaust the procedures stated in the proceeding segments of our conversations.

Step I: Apply Eye Shadow Primer

In case you possess a dry skin, choose and make use of the cream primer. Use a powder on the other hand if you have some oily skin. Apply the base shadow using your fingertips or a small powder brush moments before applying the liner and tinted eyeshadow.

Primer is necessary as it prevents the liner from sustaining smudging and the eyeshadow from sustaining creasing. This leaves behind an oil-free wear and long-lasting impacts. It also absorbs the oil from the skin in order to prevent the eye makeup from melting down.

Step II: Tightline Your Eyes

Next, apply the eyeliner to the eyes in such a manner as to fill in the gaps that exist between the roots of the eyelashes. Use a gel eyeliner waterproof or eyeliner pencil and brush to do so. Pay keen attention to the upper and the lower inner rims of your eyelids.

The best colors for your taking are the black, navy blue, and dark brown. Always steer clear of the lighter colors such as white, pastels, and ivory. At this stage, the eyes become deeper. The stage also minimizes the likelihood of a bulbous eye’s shape emerging beside making them appear much deeper-set. This way, the yes lashes appear fuller and lusher. The end result is the fact that all the extra spaces are completely filled and the eyelids appear large in size.

Step III: Apply the Dark Eye Shadow to Outer Lids

Find some deep shade of the eyeshadow and make use of the brush to sweep through the outer corners of the lids. Blend the sweeps through to the center as you sweep. Thereafter, apply any shade so long as lies within the dark/deep color range.

On the whole, you may have to consider the earth tones. They do great jobs for some kinds of skin tones whereas the jewel tones do well for the others. If you plan to do the job in the daytime, use the shimmery brown or plum colors. If at night, the gunmetal grey, navy blue, or the smoky black are your better options. The dark eyeshadow makes the eyelids appear smaller mainly by absorbing much of the light that strikes them.

Step IV: Apply Winged Eyeliner

You may skip this step. However, it is absolutely essential if your eyes are down-turned or the almond-shaped, “sleepy” kinds. To actualize this stage, acquire some liquid eyeliner pen or a liner brush and a gel or cream liner. Apply them to the upper lash line. While at it, extend the color out to 1/4 inches from the end of your eyelid ends.

Step V: Curl Lashes and Apply Mascara

Lastly, curl the lashes and then apply the mascara. Do this by holding your lashes in an eyelash curler. Let it stay for around 10-15 seconds. Thereafter, sweep on them your favorite waterproof mascara. Be particularly concerned with the center and outer lashes.

The curling lashes uplift the eye area. This decreases the lid height and allows the outer corners of the eyes to appear upturned. The mascara holds the curls in place and also adds thickness. This aids in visually shrinking the surface of lids.

how to make small eyes look big

If you do happen to plan to attend an event which entails some photography, you may also consider applying some fake lashes or a couple of individual lashes. These have the potential to completely conceal the large lids and also visually re-shape your whole eye.

You are now good to go! The tips we have outlined and explained above are indeed great and handy for your use. They are indeed more likely to yield you some great outcomes which you are ordinarily unable to leverage. All you have to do is to adhere to them as strictly and faithfully as possible.


Needless to say, the approach you take to apply the eyeliner to your eyes depends on the shape and the size of the eyes. We are going to discuss some of the major kinds of eyes plus the procedures to follow through in order to apply these eyeliners well.

#1: Round Eyes

Round eyes are so called because they are generally wider and larger in size. To make them appear slightly longer, line the outer edges of the lash line. Alternatively, look out for some nice and long-winged liner looks. You could as well apply the liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line. This is the point that marks the start of your iris. Spread it out to the inner corner through to the outer corner.

#2: Almond Eyes

Almond eyes generally come in the forms of the humble almond nut. When you stare straight ahead, your iris will normally disappear into the upper and lower eyelids of your eyes. Use the winged liner to add some beauty to the wonderful curves of your eyes. Also, give it some good flick up towards the end.

If you, however, prefer the regular pencil liner such as the Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner, be considerate of the size of your eyes before commencing. Draw only a thin line for the small eyes, and then proceed a bit thicker in case of the bigger eyes.

#3: Smaller Eyes

To ascertain whether you have small eyes or not, you just have to compare them to your mouth and nose. If they are proportionally smaller (more so the distance between the brow bone and the tip of your eyelashes), then they fit within the parameters of smaller eyes.

Given their smaller sizes, you are advised against applying the dark eyeliners as this might make them look even smaller. Instead, swipe some thin line on the top lash line and to the outer corner of your bottom lash line as well. This is to gently frame your eyes.

For added enhancement, consider applying the liner between the roots of the lashes. Use the Bourjois Liner Feutre to do this job.

#4: Big Eyes

Your eyes quality to be big if they happen to be proportionally bigger than the rest of the features that make up your facial apparatus. The larger eyes give you some leeway to use whichever liner you may desire.

You may for instance line the top and the bottom waterlines without necessarily rendering your eyes smaller. You may even apply an eyeliner to the bottom of the lash line. What’s more? You can also play around with some other winged liner or the cat eyes.

#5: Close-set Eyes

Look out for the gap that exists between the inside corners of your eyes. Is it possible for you to fit yet another eye in that gap? If you cannot, you thus have the close-set eyes. To apply the eyeliners perfectly, you have to pay deeper attention to the outer portions or edges of the eyes.

Use some soft eye pencil like the Max Factor Liquid Eye Effect Pencil. With the pencil, apply the liner thinly at the inner corner while some thicker ones at the outer corner. Take the line a bit longer than the lash line. While working on the inner corners, refrain from lining all through to the tear duct. This might emphasize the closeness of your eyes.

#6: Wide-set Eyes

In case a gap exists between the inner corners of your eyes which is big enough to accommodate more than an extra eye, you have wide-set eyes. If you possess such kinds of eyes, you have to pay greater attention to the inner corners of your eyes.

This is necessary in order for your eyes to seem closer together. Start off the lining from your tear duct section. While at it, avoid extending it beyond the outer corners of your eyes. In case you possess some small eyes, you may also apply small amounts of liners at the inner corner of the bottom lash line. Do not however line the entire thing.

how to make your small eyes look bigger

#7: Deep Set-eyes

The deep-set eyes arise when your eyes are set deeper into the skull such that the gap in between the lashes and the brow bone recedes when you open the eyes. This makes the brow bones appear more prominent. Desist from drawing some thick lines and in so doing smudging your liner on the top of the lash line.

This might cause your eyes to appear more sunken and even smaller if you do happen to possess smaller eyes. To mitigate this, you ought to apply some thin line of the essence 2-in-1 Eyeliner Pen as closer to your lash line as can be. You should also line only the outer half of your eye. Try finishing off the looks using a thin line on the bottom lash line of your eyes.

#8: Prominent Eyes

The prominent eyes usually come in the form of an outward bulge from the socket of the eyes. They have the undesirable effects of over-exposing your eyelids. To handle them, you have to make them appear smaller.

Do this by use of some thick liners such as the L’Oreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner. Apply it to line the top lash line portion of your eyes. Apply this liner from corner to corner of your eyes. Use the pace and the method you deem appropriate. There are no constraints at all.

#9: Monolids

Monolids are some flat and creaseless appearances on the eyes. It leads to a less defined brow bone. While in the process of lining the top lash line, begin with some thin line and from the inner corner. Make it thicker as you proceed along. This kind of eye also provide the best canvas to play around with the dramatic winged liner and the cat eye looks.

#10: Hooded Lids

If you observe some drooping from your eyelids down to the crease each time you open your eyes, you are said to possess the hooded lids. In this sense, you will have to make your eyes appear bigger rather than smaller.

Start off by thickening the lash base by smearing the liner in between the roots of the lashes. Be sure to apply the liner thicker at the outer edges of the eyes.


We are now pretty confident that you know how to find an eyeliner that suits the kinds of eyes you have. We are also certain that you can go about the business of applying these eyeliners perfectly well. What are you waiting for? You now have to take the next extra step to acquire and make use of the relevant products for the job.

The beauty of your eyes as stated is a matter you cannot gamble with at all. You have to give it some upper hand and appropriate consideration. Do go ahead and implement the tips we have furnished above! It is only through such a huge step that you might enjoy the benefits of improved eyes.

Lastly, we would love to hear from you as regards our discussions above. Drop your comment for our reference and appropriate consideration. Remember to spread the news with as many others as possible also!

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