How to Make Your Face Less Oily

Last Updated January 2021

Like other people out there, you might just be one of the people that were maybe born with a skin type that is oily. Having an oily skin does not mean that you will have to struggle with this condition for the rest of your life. Oily skin has a very high chance of containing impurities; this is because it has a high level of sebum production. Having an oily skin is disadvantageous because it is a conducive environment for pimples to develop and it also looks shiny all the time. To maintain your skin’s natural balance, you will have to moisturize and gently clean your skin. There is a study that shows that at least 65% of women that have pigmented skin also have an oily skin. More sebum is mostly produced by dark and olive skin; therefore, the face tends to shine because of excess production of sebum. It is important to note that production of excess sebum is just a way that skin reacts to outside aggression; it does this to protect itself from this but in turn cause the skin to develop acne and dark spots which are not pleasing at all. By reading this piece, you will be in a position to learn everything you might need to know about oily face.

how to remove oil from face

What causes of oily skin

Environment: Living in a place that experience excess humidity will only make your skin to be oilier. One can feel that there are excess moisture and oil on his or her face as soon as she walks out of the house. It is advisable that you keep your cleanliness at a high level in order to manage whatever nature might throw at you. You can get a facial cleansing gel for humid days, this gel must be able to clean, purify and remove impurities that might have been caused by the makeup you use or pollution.


It has always been clear that eating the right diet has plenty of benefits, it therefore important to note that eating foods that are rich in glycemic are very dangerous to your skin because they stimulate the production of overactive sebum.


Physical and emotional stress can trigger your nervous system to release hormones like adrenaline which are culprits for hormonal imbalance hence causing the skin to be oily and cause other harms to the skin. It is therefore advisable to avoid these kinds of stress at all cost to prevent your skin from producing excess oil.


A skin that is aging has less protein like collagen, this is because as one age, collagen production reduces, and the numbers of sebaceous glands are reduced in the process. Younger people are prone to oily skin than older people, this is because a person with an aging is likely to have a dry face, but if you have an oily skin from birth then it is also advantageous because your aging signs will not be in a position to show up as early as those of people with less oily skin.

Use of wrong skin care products

Applying wrong skin care products to your skin can also cause an oily skin. If you notice that your skin is much dry on the winter season then you need to change the products that you used on a summer when your skin was a bit oily, you can use moisturizers that are light and cleaners that are gel based.

Cosmetic usage

Makeup is an excellent tool that one can use to cover up acne, oil and skin breakouts. Whatever one puts in her face is very important just as how she takes it off from her face, this is why it is very important to go for oil-free cosmetics and the non-comedogenic when choosing one, when taking off the makeup from your face, opt for a high-quality toner for that purpose.

How to make your face less oily and shine

Use an oil cleanser:

It is time you get an oil cleanser if you do not have one. Most people believe that using an oily product will only make their skin to increase its oiliness, hence avoid using an oil cleanser, yet this is just but a myth, oil is needed for proper breakdown of oil, this is why it is necessary to use an oil cleanser because it will be in a position to get rid of the excess oil without leaving the skin dry or tight.


It is important to keep an oily skin more hydrated; this is because a dehydrated skin will only make an oily skin to be excessively oily. Avoid using harsh skin products that will only take away the skin moisture, try to use products that can hydrate your skin. It is therefore important to note that dehydration is the leading culprit to oily skin; hence hydration is the only remedy for this.

Blot oil away:

Use a blotting paper to help you in absorbing the excess oil that is on your skin, they are cheap and convenient to carry around because they are small in size and can fit in the purse. This blotting paper can effectively be used during the summertime, and if you are not able to get a blotting paper, you can also use a tissue paper used to wrap gifts since it is also another cheap alternative.

Cleanse right:

your skin should only be washed two to three times a day, more than that is just harmful to your skin because it rips off the skin its moisture hence make the sebaceous glands to be overactive leading to excessive production of oil, your skin should not be over exfoliated as well, since this can cause redness and discoloration of the skin. You should also avoid overusing the facial brushes because they can stimulate the development of acne and excessive oil production.

Use a clay mask every week:

People with oily skin should give clay mask a try, this is because this product has the ability to draw out oil and impurities from your skin and it also reduces the production of oil hence purifies the entire skin. It is always wise to remember to choose the clay masks that have moisturizing properties to prevent it from taking away the skin’s moisture.

Exfoliate regularly:

it is essential to exfoliate often if you have a skin that is oily; this is because several dead skin cells can damage your skin by clogging the pores and dehydrating your skin. When the dead skin cells build up, they will prevent the skin products from going through the skin hence make your skin to be dull and dry, this, therefore, is a cause of excessive production of oil with an intention to lubricate your skin consequently an oily skin is displayed.

Avoid harsh cleaners:

Use of harsh cleaners can remove excess oil temporarily; this is because they tend to remove all the oil that is in the skin hence leaving the skin dehydrated yet dehydration only causes excessive oil production, it is therefore advisable to use cleaners that are gentle to your skin and have the moisturizing properties.

how to clean oily face

How to make your face less oily with home remedies

Tea tree oil:

This has always been an appropriate remedy for several skin concerns, excessive oil production being one of the issues it can deal with, it is a solvent that helps to remove oil from your skin hence unclogging the skin pores, it can also deeply penetrate the skin and manage to fight and kill the bacteria that are on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel:

A fresh Aloe Vera gel is in a position to get rid of various problems of the skin, these problems can involve burns, formation of blackheads and even excessive oil, a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the face before one goes to bed and washed off later in the morning, this will help you manage your oily face since it will reduce your skin’s oil.

Tomato juice:

Tomato juice contains salicylic acid that helps in absorbing excess oil that the skin produces hence unclogging the skin pores, it should be applied on the skin and left to dry, after that, your skin should be washed using a very mild face wash and later apply a moisturizer.


It has citric acid which helps in absorbing the excess oil, it is important to note that direct application of lemon juice can irritate your skin; therefore, you should mix it with honey, or rather egg white in order for you to be able to achieve a skin that is oil free. You should also avoid exposing your skin to sunlight to prevent hyperpigmentation; you should also not forget to apply moisturizer to your skin after using the lemon juice therapy.


it should be applied evenly on the skin to get the best results and also a skin that is free from oil, it acts to moisturize the skin and also reduces inflammation, it should be washed off after 10 to 15 minutes of application, and the end result will be perfect.

Mask of oatmeal:

Application of mask of oatmeal can help in absorbing of excess oil from your skin; it can also assist in exfoliating your skin. It works effectively when mixed with honey and applied on the entire face, you should massage it evenly on your face and leave it there for a period of 20 minutes then use lukewarm water to wash it off, and this mixture can also help in purifying your skin layers and also prevents the development of acne.

Grounded almonds:

These are the best when it comes to exfoliating, they can also help in soaking the excess oil from your skin, 3 teaspoons full of this should be mixed with honey and gently applied on the skin, after this you should be able to wash it off your face and moisturize your skin using a moisturizer.

Homemade scrub:

use a scrub that is homemade, especially by mixing honey and sugar, it will help in exfoliating your skin in the most natural way and also moisturize your skin, it is not advisable to frequently use a scrub on your face because it can make your skin to go dry.

Baking soda:

This remedy is suitable for those people who have a face that is very oily, you should form a paste by mixing baking soda and water, then it is applied on the face and left for 10 minutes before it is rinsed, after rinsing, it would be nice if you apply witch hazel to make your skin to be smooth and free of oil.

An oily skin has an increased level of sebum production; therefore, it should get enough miniaturization and cleansing gently to get back the natural balance of the skin. A skin that is oily is likely to develop pimples and contract other breakouts, just like other skin types, it is important to give an oily skin the proper care that it needs, this should include cleaning it on a daily basis, toning the skin and moisturizing it even after using other therapies that might cause it to dry, using harsh products to reduce the oil on your skin will only make it more oily, to avoid this, ensure that you hydrate your skin appropriately, by doing this, your skin will reduce its oil and hence lead to a well-nourished skin, and by following the above tips and guidelines, you will be in a position to get perfect results for your oily skin.

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