How to Prevent Clogged Pores

Last Updated March 2021

The pores are tiny holes and perforations that adorn much of our skin. They basically channel sweat from the inside of the skin to the outside environment. In the course of this, they contribute to the cooling of the skin alongside disposing of toxins and other forms of impurities.

From time to time, the wastes, sweat, skin oil, dirt, and other forms of impurities may often harden and settle within these pores. When this happens, the pores get clogged so much so that the smooth flow of sweat and other impurities is impeded.

This is a very unfortunate eventuality. This is because when the issue is not mitigated in time, it may pose some permanent damages to the skin. It may also permanently interfere with the normal functioning of your bodily systems. This is not to mention that the impurities also cause permanent discomforts to you as you go about your business.

It is for these reasons that you want to deal with this issue in time and effectively for that matter. We are here to help you out in getting started. We spent a great deal of our time investigating the most trusted best practices. We are glad to present them to you hereunder.

how to prevent makeup from clogging pores


The clogged pores are those pores of your skin which have been blocked or obstructed with various kinds of debris. These include skin oil, makeup, sweat, dead skin cells, and dust. The clogging impedes the smooth flow of sweat and other impurities from the body. They lead to some ghastly appearances and discomforts.


Skin Complexion

Generally speaking, those with active and oily skins are more susceptible to the problem of the clogged pores than those with the normal or dry skins. This is due to the fact that the excess oils they produce do dry within the pores and clogs them.


Your genetic orientation may also cause the issue to arise. Those who have parents that have excessively oily skin are more likely to suffer from the issue themselves. There is nothing you can really do about this though.

Dead Skin Cells

The accumulation of the dead skin cells also has a role to play in the proliferation of this particular menace. The situation is even worsened whenever the oil mixes with the dead skin cells which are yet to slough off from your skin.

Seasonal Changes

When seasons come and go, so do the levels of hormones. These variations in seasons have the impact of varying the quantity of the natural oil that your skin produces. In the summer, make some arrangements to get rid of excess oils from your skins.

how to prevent pores from getting clogged

Improper Skin Care

Lastly, the failure to cleanse, moisturize, or tone your skin may lead to the accumulation of residues, oil, makeup, and other impurities which may, in turn, encourage the clogging of the pores.


It is not uncommon for myths to abound regards the subject matter of the clogged pores. Below are some of the common myths surrounding this subject matter that needs to be debunked.

Myth I: Pores open and close

Most people believe that pores can open and close. Some even posit that heat and steam open the pores whereas cold water closes them. This is not true. In reality, pores are always open. That is why they can and indeed do sweat.

Myth II: You can get rid of pores

You cannot get rid of the pores as they are a permanent and natural part of your body. There is also no need to rid them from your body owing to the role they play in dissipating sweat and oil. You can only minimize their appearances by implementing a host of intervention measures.

Myth III: The black dots on your nose are because of dirt

No, they are not! They are in fact blackheads. These are basically clogged pores which have oxidized and solidified into a lovely brownish-black color.

Myth IV: The sun will shrink your pores

The sad reality is that the opposite is indeed the case. Sun damage can and indeed does cause some lack of firmness which in turn give rise to some prominent pores.


The clogging of the pores does not just happen spontaneously. It is an issue that is caused by a variety of factors. It is necessary to know these factors in order to take preventive measures to forestall them beforehand. Identified and explained below are some of the leading habits that are known to clog the pores.


Smoking has been consistently proven to be a leading cause of skin damage. It weakens the elasticity of the skin and in the process, clogs the pores altogether. If not mitigated in time, the end result is the adult acne.

Sleeping on bedding

All kinds of bedding like pillow cases, bed sheets, blankets, and duvets do accumulate plenty of dirt with time. Prolonged exposure to this dirt may cause the skin to clog. This is because the dirt sinks into the pores and prevent the smooth flow of air and moisture into and out of the skin.

Touching your face throughout the day

While it seems a great idea, it is, in fact, inadvisable to touch your face every now and then. Doing so accelerates the spread of bacteria and other forms of germs. These ultimately find themselves in the sweat pores and subsequently clog them. Consider sanitizing your hands if you have to touch your face every now and then.


Sunbathing, just like touching your face every quite often, appears a harmless and indeed a noble undertaking. However, it is also a chief cause of the clogged skin pores. Prolonged exposure to the skin has the impact of tanning it which may, in turn, worsen the clogs of the sweat pores.

Talking on the phone

If you are that kind of a person who spends much of his time conversing on the phone, you are more likely to suffer from this menace of clogged pores. This is because the screens of the phones do collect and harbor plenty of dirt and debris which they easily pass on to your skin. Consider wiping the screens thoroughly before and after each use.

Wearing makeup during a fitness workout

You are advised against wearing excessive makeup prior to a fitness session. This is because the makeup does sink into the pores and clog them. This way, they get to worsen the already volatile situation. Just in case you have to apply the makeup before a workout, consider using a disinfectant to rid the makeup from your skin and open up your pores as well.

Picking at blemishes

Picking the blemishes may often appear as a shortcut to removing them. However, nothing could be further from the truth. When you pick them, you get to cause even more blemishes by reason of contributing to more irritations and inflammations. Use spot treatments instead of picking to get rid of the blemishes.

Missing out on exfoliation

Exfoliating the dead skin cells, as well as the removal of excess oils, play a great role in suppressing the clogging of the pores. For more effective outcomes, consider using the light chemicals to do the actual task of peeling off these dead matter atop the skin. This should particularly be the case if you possess acne-prone or oily skin.


Getting rid of the clogged pores need not necessarily be a daunting task. Indeed, it is possible for you to meet this need at the comfort of your own room. You only need to identify and make use of the great homemade ingredients and recipes. Below are the main ones for your consideration:


Neem is a plant which is commonly employed to generate organic skin care products. It fits this purpose well because of its possession of a host of magical qualities. These include natural cleansing properties which are crucial in unclogging the pores. It is mainly recommended for persons with oily skins.


Rosemary, just like the Neem is a herb. It possesses numerous benefits. It is often used to generate a distillate which is subsequently used to soften the skin, preventing the clogged pores, and to balance the natural skin oils. Rosemary is not at all harsh to the skin.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is light and also rich in the linoleic acid. Its role is to control and moisturize the skin. It can also be blended with fractionated coconut oil and hazelnut to make the Herbal Facial Oil which is great for the oily skin. You have it for your taking if yours is an oily skin.

Dead Sea Clay

The Dead Sea clay is rich in minerals. It draws out impurities from the skin pores which have the tendency to clogging your pores. It also forms the dominant ingredient of the Dead Sea Scrub which is a great exfoliation agent. This is not to mention that it can also serve as a mask or a scrub.

Rose Clay

Just like the Dead Sea Clay, the Rose Clay has the ability to draw out impurities from your skin and sweat pores. Unlike most other exfoliation agents, it does not at all dry the skin. It is hence a great consideration for those with oily and sensitive skin.


Now that you know the various causes of clogged pores, isn’t it wise to know how to prevent them altogether? Below are some of the hot tips that may help you to prevent your pores from getting clogged:

Tip #1: Utilize a Facial Cleanser

Cleanse your face at least two times a day to maintain your pores very clean and to also reduce the levels of skin oil. To be assured of the best outcomes, make use of a gentle cleansing material such as the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Cleanser.

Tip #2: Stay away from the Heat

Rather than use hot water to cleanse your pores, you only want to use lukewarm water to do so. This is to prevent your skin from drying out or widening the pores. Always stay away from the heat as much as you possibly can.

Tip #3: Put on a Face Mask

Consider putting on a face mask to minimize the proliferation of enlarged or clogged pores. You may have the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask for your consideration. It comprises pure clays as well as red algae. It is subsequently great at exfoliating the dead skin cells besides removing dirt, and oil that may have piled up on the surface of your skin.

Tip #4: Refrain from Using Serums and Greasy Moisturizers

Greasy skin care products have the ability to clog your pores even more. To prevent this from arising, you are advised to refrain from using the greasy moisturizers and serums. Opt instead for those products that are non-comedogenic. Additionally, those products also have to be free of parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, and mineral oils.

Tip #5: Alter the Routine of your Makeup

For greater outcomes, consider also altering the routine of your makeup undertakings. You may have to swap the ordinary favorite makeups for those that contain no oils or other ingredients that have the ability to clog the pores. Try out the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Super Blendable Makeup.

Tip #6: Pay some attention to the Sagging Skin

Pores generally become larger in size whenever the skins sag. To address this issue effectively, you are advised to make use of the anti-aging products such as the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Cicacream Face Moisturizer Pro-Retinol & Centella Asiatica. It strengthens the skin barriers to slow down the loss of firmness alongside other signs of aging.

Tip #7: Make use of an Exfoliator

Exfoliating is great when getting rid of impurities from the pores. It also makes the pores appear less visible. No other exfoliation agent beats the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Purify & Unclog Kiwi Scrub. This stems from its formulation with three naturally-derived sugars and authentic kiwi seeds.

Tip #8: Cleanse the Beauty Tools Every Quite Often

In the course of their use, the blenders and the brushes do accumulate some dirt, oils, and makeups. The accumulation of this unwanted debris may lead to complete breakouts and completely clogged pores. It is because of this that you want to keep these tools as clean as can be.

Tip #9: Rest your Head on a Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillowcases are by far the best options to lay your head on. They are very luxurious, less absorbent, and highly breathable. They are more likely to keep your pores as open and safe as possibly can be. You should, therefore, prioritize them over and above the cotton counterparts.

Tip #10: Put on a Silk Scarf while Sleeping

Apart from laying your head on a silk pillow, you also want to tie a silk scarf on your head as you go to bed. This is necessary as the first line of defense against the accumulation of the dirt and debris with time. It is also great as it prevents the bed from getting soiled.


Now you know what to do to prevent the clogging of your pores. As stated this issue is not pleasant at all. This is why you have to read the conversations above severally and internalize them. You thereafter have to find the best approach that most suits your unique needs. You thereafter have to actualize that particular strategy.

Indeed, each of us will at one point in time experience the clogged pores. This means that you will find this information useful at some point in your life even if you have never experienced this problem up to this point in time. You want to treat the information with some fair degree of importance.

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